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It’s been a while since I’ve had to talk about measles and vaccines: Thank god, I was starting to lose it. But let’s do a quick update. According to the Seattle Times, there have been five new cases in the Puget Sound region this month, including the newest case just this week of a man who contracted measles at an Eastside restaurant called Hops n' Drops, which sounds like a place that serves beer and drops of acid. If you were there on May 9, maybe a quick trip to the clinic wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

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Pelosi hasn’t budged on impeachment following Mueller’s speech: But a whole bunch of other lawmakers have. Apparently, Robert Mueller's incredibly measured speech was the fuel they needed to kick this impeachment machine into hyperdrive, but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi still won’t let it past the starting line. That was a clunky metaphor, but you know what I mean. They don’t technically need her approval to start impeachment proceedings, but in practice, they would never move forward without her on board. House Democrats didn’t seem satisfied with Mueller’s speech and are still moving to get him to show up for a full-on congressional testimony. Get your popcorn ready!

Remember the whale that got hit by the ferry on Tuesday? Well, it turns out it was a humpback. And even more disturbing, it’s likely to happen a lot more often as humpback whale populations rebound in the Salish Sea, which I guess, in a morbid kind of way, is good news. It doesn’t feel like good news. One way to help avoid collisions like this are slower ferries during whale migration season. Would you be okay with a little bit longer of a ferry commute in exchange for fewer dead whales? If you said no to that, go take a long walk off a short pier.

Mayor Durkan issues $5.6 million in grants for immigrant defense services: A group of six immigration law organizations will receive sizable grants from the city to expand services to immigrants going through court proceedings. The Legal Defence Network was established in 2017 to combat immigration enforcement in Seattle under the Trump administration, but this will be the largest payout it has ever made.

Even in death, Trump is haunted by John McCain: On the president's recent trip to Japan, his administration allegedly wanted to keep the USS John McCain, a warship named after the late congressman, out of sight. They had a tarp cover the name of the ship and gave sailors who wore the ship’s name on their chest the day off. Trump claims that someone on his staff did it without his knowledge because “they thought I didn’t like him,” which he went on to say was true. That is some Grade A, USDA-certified pettiness right there, folks.

The weather is the same as yesterday: A little cloudy in the morning and sunny for the rest of the day. I couldn’t find a good tweet to explain the weather, so here is a cute dog instead. You’re welcome.

A young girl was struck by a foul ball at a Cubs game: She was taken to the hospital, and details about her condition have not been released. From the batter’s reaction, you can tell that’s going to weigh heavy on his mind for a while.

A Wisconsin church was giving out weed edibles in exchange for “donations:” That does sound a whole lot like drug dealing—but if you do it in a church, you probably just claim a religious exemption, right? Like how religious kids don’t have to get vaccinated? Apparently not. Madison police raided the self-styled Rastafarian church yesterday, which boasts about 20,000 members. I would have been way more excited about Sunday school as a kid if I knew the “body of Christ” was really just a weed cookie.

Garbage you can feel good about: Seattle just rolled out its first ever 100 percent electric garbage truck. It’s made by a company called Recology, which specializes in sustainable waste management. If anyone calls you trash today, you can take it as a compliment.

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Now listen here, you $#!%: My roommate Ezra is baffled by the disrespect levied at Phil Collins after he poured his heart and soul into the Tarzan soundtrack. Put some respect on his name!

Tonight's best Seattle entertainment options include: A night of comedy with Rainn Wilson & Friends, a Salt & Straw Book Signing, and the first night of the Northwest Terror Fest.