It was obviously ghosts that did it.
It was obviously ghosts that did it. YOUNGGI KIM/GETTY IMAGES

12 people killed in Virginia Beach shooting: An update to the shooting on Friday brings very little new information about the shooter or why he indiscriminately opened fire at his workplace. He was an engineer for the the city. Four people remain seriously injured. Mourners held vigils throughout the weekend for the victims and their families.

Wildlife officials kill cougar after it attacked a child in Leavenworth: The child wasn’t hurt but state troopers couldn’t take any chances with having a mountain lion out there with an interest in humans for dinner. They tracked the animal down and euthanized it early on Sunday morning. Look at the size of this thing!

Want to know what brought down all those power poles in South Seattle? Well, we're going to have to wait a few more months because the DaVinci of power pole integrity is on the case. Nelson Bingel, a Georgia investigatorwas tapped to investigate why these 26 Tukwila power poles suddenly—and without explanation—fell, hitting at least two cars and sending two people to the hospital. At least 10 of them had identifiable cases of rot, however, they weren't slated for replacement any time soon. The investigation will take several more months, according to Bingel.

Dow Constantine resumes inquests into deadly police shootings: The King County Executive halted all inquests back in January of 2018, but reinstated the practice this weekend. Inquests are essentially fact-finding exercises open to the public but not used to bring criminal charges. A whole lot of people were fed up with the way they were used in cases of fatal police shootings. The change follows a committee’s year-long review of how inquests are conducted and Constantine implemented several of their changes, including providing lawyers to the family of the victim and expanding the scope of questions an inquest can consider.

The government is divvying up oversight of tech giants: In a high-stakes game of dibs, the Federal Trade Commission is taking Amazon and the Justice Department is stuck with Google. While they haven’t opened official investigations, this means there will be added scrutiny to the tech giants. D.C. politicians have been increasingly beating the oversight drum for these big tech companies and this could a step toward something more concrete. According to the New York Times, “An inquiry would remind everyone that Google, with its early motto of 'Don’t be evil,' held itself to standards it sometimes could not match.”

Immigration activist goes on trial for helping two undocumented migrants: This case is being closely watched by activists across the country because it will likely set precedent for how much aid U.S. citizens can give to migrants in the Trump era. Scott Warren, a 36-year-old Arizona native, was arrested after a raid revealed he was housing two undocumented immigrants. He’s also a volunteer with No More Deaths, a group that provides food, water, and aid to migrants crossing over the southern border. He’s been charged with three felony counts and his trial begins this week.

This week in misogynistic, homophonic, strongman presidential news: Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said he “used to be gay” before he “cured” himself. Wow, there’s a lot to unpack there. First of all, fuck this guy. Second, he says what “cured” him was marrying his wife, not the actual relationship just that she is a “beautiful woman.” Duterte loves to call his political opponents gay and it is disappointedly effective in the predominantly Christian country.

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This weather report is oddly sexual:

Trump endorses Boris Johnson as the next British Prime Minister: Never before has a U.S. president openly endorsed a candidate to lead the British government but Trump is not most presidents. Boris John is a cartoonish figure that helped spearhead the Brexit movement. And look how successful that was!

Tonight's best Seattle entertainment options include: A reading with Solmaz Sharif, the RuPaul's Drag Race Season 11 Tour, and 12 Minutes Max.