Slog AM: Mystery of Fallen Tukwila Power Poles Persists, Trump Endorses Boris Johnson for British PM, Philippine President Says He Used to Be "A Bit Gay"



I hope a lot of Brits are going to have milkshakes in their hands this week.


No wonder the Cheeto-skinned shit-gibbon loves Boris so much: he's got a Russian-sounding first name, looks equally as doughy, and actually possesses an even worse-looking hair style...


Corporate media much prefers to talk about royal baby than climate change and loss of biodiversity report (priorities, you know). ABC news spent more time in a week on royal baby Archie than on climate change in entire 2018. ABC and NBC had no mention of climate change while Midwest drowns. In 2018, broadcast networks coverage decreased by 45% compared to 2017 just as the crisis keeps getting worse. Then, some people express surprise about part of the public remaining unaware of the threat and its urgency.


local photo of the local cougar by a local resident - local AF



You see the new 'do? I thought it looked somehow marginally... better? Like kinda mafia-esque?

Though I suppose it probably literally couldn't have really looked any worse. And I maintain that he should just shave his fucking head. It'd honestly be more dignified and far less desperate and dorky. And would have significant and obvious appeal to a certain faction of his devoted fans.


I liked the old woman they interviewed in Michigan after that GOP rep held a townhall about the Mueller report. She was asked on TV what she thought and she literally had never heard of the things in the Mueller report and never thought there was anything bad about the president in it. She was confused by what she kept hearing from Foxnews and trump and the GOP and Barr vs what everyone else is saying. Sad.


Bad Hair Club For Men™


Well, that should be the end of Boris Johnson's candidacy.


I am happy that Her Majesty gifted the Orange Troll a book.

Think about it.

Royal Shade, aisle one!



Even if we stretch "Seattle" to include the exurbs, and you move out to North Bend or Monroe or Maple Valley and set up a chicken coop, you're still far more likely to attract bears than cougars.


@5 If you or your friend, are into older women who are dating younger men, and not mountain lions, then just put it out there wherever you go to look for dates. I don't think it's such a big deal these days, except in the backward areas where men still hold all the power. As long as everyone are consenting adults, why not.


@11 There have been more incidents lately though, cougars are not finding enough food in their normal hunting grounds because of climate and weather changes affecting many species' breeding and distribution, and the resultant lack of prey availability, so they are having to move out of their range looking for food. They're starving, just like the Southern Resident Orcas, and many other predators.


Prez's buddy "Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte Says He Used to Be 'A Bit Gay.'" (Say, doesn't Trumpfy like 'Big, BIG Men'?)...

He put a bounty on "drug dealer's" heads, didn't he?

"Since the 'drug war' began on June 30, 2016, Duterte and his officials have publicly reviled, humiliated and, in one instance, jailed human rights advocates.

Senator Leila de Lima, the president’s chief critic, has been detained since February 2017 on politically motivated drug charges in apparent retaliation for leading a Senate inquiry into the drug war killings and, early on, opening an investigation of the Davao Death Squad in Davao City, where Duterte was mayor for more than 20 years."

Has he also called for the culling of all 'non-Straight' human beings, yet?

Somebody needs to post some Duterte's-dalliances Pix.