Slog PM: Amazon and Google Stocks Drop, Trump Is Allowed to Eat off the Queen's Fine China, They Repainted Our Rainbows



'a "vinyl-centric" bar that offers a blant-based menu'

Finally, vinyl and blants back togerther

please delete?


"Look at this idiot" -- Trumphy, et al looking Foolish.

What you see right there is the argument (for or) against Inherited Wealth. Thee Rulers of the World.

What, we Must trust in Money?


@1 Noticed that, too—thanks! A blant, I believe, is a beef-based plant.


Whoopsie! Not at all what i thought when i read "vinyl based bar"...

As you were.


Oh look, somebody wealthy said something inflammatory and throws activists under the bus as a form of self promotion. So punk.


@6 I bet she hangs out with John Roderick.


"Wouldn't it be awesome if the Queen served Donald Trump and his family a nice hearty meal just like this [ice-cold, fast! cardboard-boxxed, cardboard-tasting takeout] dinner he put out for his special guests?"

He's never looked Happier
than when surrounded by ice-cold Takeout
He musta stiffed the Delivery boy


THANK GOD the rainbow crosswalks are okay! Never mind the crater-sized potholes and lack of sidewalks in the less trendy neighborhoods. We can just go to Capitol Hill and walk on rainbows!!’


Don't come for Neko. Almost makes me want to join twitter.


Anybody who got that prank call and recognized the name Mista Dobalina, Mr. Bob Dobalina, must have had a good laugh. I hope at least somebody got the joke; the song was a top 10 hit on the Billboard rap charts.


@9: I don't think they're comparable as expenditures, but I get the sentiment. Government must forever evaluate the must haves with the nice-to-haves.


I've it on good authority that's also Trump's orgasm face. Good times.

No mention of the demise of James Holzhauer?!? At the risk of revealing my supreme emotional dorkitude, I gotta confess to tearing up a (really, really small) bit upon watching him lose. Super happy for the lady who also seems cool and took him down, but he was fun as hell to watch. And Ken Jennings' record remains safe.


@15 - please add the phrase "Trump's orgasm face"to your spellchecker, and then flag it so that it will be auto-corrected in future to something that does not cause most of us to dry heave. Thank you.


Who stabs someone with a machete? I've only ever slashed with a machete in my entire life.


The British Royalty should have fed Trumpty Dumpty slop from a pig trough out back. He wouldn't have known the difference. Now the Windsors will have to sterilize and disinfect their fine china. SouuuuuuuuuuuEEEEEEEEEEE!

@15: Take off that silly MAGA cap before you lose any more vital brain tissue.


I thought that too! In fact, many machetes I've seen don't even have a viable "pointy-end" to stab with.


When your city is an international tourist destination, the nice-to-haves draw visitors and help bring in more revenue. Most gay people don’t live in cities that celebrate them with rainbows, so when one of them shares a picture of your crosswalk on social media it’s free advertising that draws visitors who contribute to the pothole fund.


@20 this city has plenty of tourists now - and the potholes aren’t fixed. I like them regardless of their ‘usefulness’ or their ability to remind me of mayor murray who birthed them


Our tourism is vulnerable to slipping because of our homeless crisis.


you would probably have even more potholes if your city had fewer tourists, and homelessness is a systemic problem no single city could possibly solve on its own, meanwhile paint is cheap and the crosswalks need to be painted anyway


Fox News used to be available in the UK, but nobody watched it so Fox itself pulled the plug on the channel. CNN International is much better than the CNN we see over here (it has actual news, instead of the Holywood Squares grid of pundits).

The Democrats should make Trump-in-a-penguin-suit their poster boy for the 2020 campaign.


@23: Agree - nevertheless homelessness doesn't have to be a systemic problem and an expensive city with severe homelessness is apt to see a decline in hotel bookings - like here and in San Francisco.


they repainted the crosswalks in Fremont too, but for some reason we don't get rainbow ones. I figure it's because the Mayor is a classist, and thinks ghettos are good.

Pro tip: LGBTQ live everywhere.


@12 originally Monkees


@26: One is sufficient for pride and tourism. They don't need to be ubiquitous. Heterosexuals use crosswalks too.



Or not:

I realize it's easy to just continue to pull crap out of your ass - but really, you should at least try to spend a few seconds performing some actual research before you do so.


@25: I said "apt" - the concern is valid. I did research. There isn't enough data yet. Here's another:

But I suppose you are of the ilk that think that homelessness ads to Seattles ambiance and that tourists as well as locals should just get used to it.


Keep rocking the house, anti-Brexit Brits--viva la resistance! Good one with the John McCain cap. I'm amazed the U.K. gave Trumpty Dumpty an approval rating of even 21%. Unless it's in the negative regions.