Slog AM: Eastern Washington Wildfire Burns More Than 3,000 Acres, London Protests Trump, Jeopardy! Champ Finally Bested



I am not thrilled about Trump on this side of the pond.


How about some props for Emma Boettcher a new librarian superhero? No mention of her?


"Purdue is accused of aggressively pushing their drugs on doctors and patients despite knowing how addictive they were. Internal memos from the company show a strategy to put the blame on people who became addicted and take the pressure off of themselves. I don't think it worked."

Oh, it worked plenty well enough. Look no further than the Billion$ they harvested from our Citizens. Oh, and all the collateral damage they've created...

While I'm no Fan of the Death Penalty, these drugs pushers DESERVE the Deathy Penalty -- if not for the owners of the Mega Corp, than for the Mega Corp, itself.

If you happen to be one of those Tough on Crime/Rambo-type dudes, look how Purdue's (most likely -- we'll see) responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of our citizens -- don't you want ALL heavy drugs Pushers to pay the price that matches their Crimes?


that brush fire is impressive, but i'm more amazed at that smooth, perfect blacktop in the middle of you-libruls-don't-get-to-tell-me-what-to-do country, courtesy of seattle tax dollars.


@3: Well said.


I hope the Pigfucker in Chief got milkshaked.

@4 Max Solomon: Brilliantly said for the WIN.


@5 -- thnx!