Abel Pacheco Abstains from Pivotal Save the Showbox Vote



It's 8:50, where's the morning news?


So, AEG Presents determined some time ago that it was not profitable to maintain the Showbox as a music venue, and sold out to developers. Now, the city will force someone else to run the venue?


We've finally lost our collective minds. I can't believe saving the Showbox is even a thing. Redeveloping a dilapidated 2-story 100 year old building in the heart of downtown that is probably a gigantic fire hazard? Say it ain't so! Won't somebody think of the children! Quick get your pitchforks and let's illegally seize private property from a family for nostalgia sake!
Sawant wants to seize Boeing and turn it into a bus factory, I can't wait to hear what the Showbox will be used for. What you actually think bands are still going to play there?
Dream on


@2: The City Council wasn’t willing to use eminent domain to purchase the building, and the “historical” designation can’t require any other owner to keep hosting music shows there.

@3: This expensive farce still has a way to go. It’s fun watching The Stranger hype “Save The Showbox” as if that phrase will magically cause musical acts to play there after next year.


Finally, an adult on the City Council.


@5: That’s why the other Council Members made him promise not to run for the office. ;-)


I just got back from New Orleans, and it's amazing how much business gets done in older buildings there. All of you dipshits who apparently know the price of everything and the value of nothing would be positively horrified by how the same thing happens in Europe, too.


Seems like the city would have better luck flexing to force the developer to include a venue in the ground floor of a new building. Certainly seems smarter. Maybe this is them posturing to ask for that down the road? If I owned the property I would be beyond angry to discover that my property was not, in fact, mine.


@7: If you want to buy the building, go right ahead, make an offer.

You do understand nothing currently being done can ensure music being played in that building in future, right? That’s because our City Council refused to pony up for eminent domain, but tried to take the cheap way out. They wanted the credit without doing the work.

As always, money talks, bullshit walks, and talk is cheap. All the Council has gotten us is a lawsuit. That’s music to the ears of lawyers, but not to the rest of us.