Skepticism is not allowed today.

If yesterday a bluecheck had said "I think she actually just starved herself to death, this is NBD happens literally 100 times every single day in America" they would have caught hell.

The problem isn't "The Media" - it's that large portions of the media are DIRECTLY accountable to the public for funding and therefore cowed by the public. The old network news had a war chest a decade deep and could easily ride out any short or medium term controversy. Our online outlets cannot afford to offend.


There's a whole bunch of games of telephone going on out there.


@1, I agree that crowdfunded twitter pundits are poisoning the media, but Fox, Wapo and the Daily Beast are the guilty parties here and none of them are supported by a patreon account. This is still a newsworthy story, the problem is that important details were lost in translation by major media outlets.

You probably don’t have to look too hard to find a blue check willing to say something obnoxious about an anorexic teenager willfully starving herself to death as long as there is an audience for that.


Still brutal to read even without the euthanasia as cause of death screw up. I wonder why it was considered improper to use electroshock therapy on a 17 year old if it was considered fine to allow her to kill herself by refusing food and fluid.


I can attest that Sausage is an expert on this.


I, however, AM too weird to be true, and yet here I truly am.



Just my mostly uninformed guess, but they may have worried it would cause some sort of developmental problems that only would have made her life even worse?


β€œ's a good reminder that when you read something that seems too weird to be true, there's a good chance that it very well is.”

Is it not true that Trump is the fucking President? Cause that would be nice.



I was thinking it was more along the lines of; both ECT and forced feeding are invasive and would need to be forced on the patient whereas simply not eating was her choice

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