You Have Five More Hours to Take Our Sex Survey! Just Do It!



I hope everybody does what I do which is just be totally randomly lying through the whole survey


Is this like the old school purity tests that used to circulate around USENET back in the day?


I was pretty disappointed that for question 28, "The people I have sex with I usually meet through… (check all that apply)" you didn't list an option for "Well, it used to be the Stranger's LustLab..."

I guess there's not too many of us Stranger old-timers left who would remember that section of the Stranger.


Was "findom" supposed to be "femdom?" Or is there yet another sex thing I'm unaware of?


You really should include an open-ended question for people to share their wildest/weirdest stories.
You don't want to leave that entirely to Reddit, do you?



I'm not sure of the context in which it appears (not a Seattle-ite and so am exercising rare restraint in not doing the survey) but know from reading Dan that it's definitely a thing, an odd one, not surprisingly. It's not overtly gross and sexual, you could probably safely google it from work.