Slog PM: Paintings Are Coming to Life; Trump Makes About 12 Misleading Claims a Day; Fort Lawton Is Being Redeveloped, Baby!



It seems a sort of category error to evaluate Trump's emissions for truth in the first place.


Merely because Trump committed a crime - obstruction of justice - doesn't mean that he should be impeached. Given all the resources that the FBI could bring to bear over a two year period, Mueller was unable to prove a criminal conspiracy between Russia and the Trump campaign. Russia illegally interfered in the election and Trump cheerfully and legally accepted their help.

Trump repeatedly obstructed the investigation and that is illegal even in the absence of an underlying crime. If Trump were not President, he could be charged with obstruction and probably convicted. I'd guess, as a first time offender, he'd get probation.

But impeachment is a political process. We're talking about overturning the results of a free, constitutional election of a President. This isn't some silly ITMFA joke and T-shirt gig. Many would see it as an unconstitutional coup and react accordingly.

Bill Clinton committed a crime - lying under oath - and obstructed justice. An emotional, partisan House of Representatives impeached him for it. Of course Clinton was acquitted, became the victim and clobbered Bob Dole in the 1996 election. Do we really want to go down that path again?

I don't know what "high crimes and misdemeanors" really means, but obstruction of justice in the absence of an underlying crime doesn't get us there.


Most of this I can't even begin to come up with questions until I digest it. So, I will go with the songs. Are these songs that are being used by the campaigns? If so, who has gotten permission, from the artists, to use them? Enquiring minds want to know.


@3 Google “campaign songs fair use” and you’ll get all the answers. Short version: the campaign, or the public venue, purchases a “public performance” license for live events.


The Democrats really didn't need to drag their "experts" in;
they could have watched them on MSNBC where they are paid to rant against The President everyday....

Please, no more farce hearings.
Impeach or get off the pot...

The President was not obstructing anything;
he was elected by The American People to oversee and reign in out of control corrupt leadership at Justice and FBI;
Please; send the case to The Senate so it can be voted down and we can get on with re-electing President Trump.


@5: Well, a Republican former FBI director and hundreds of former federal prosecutors from both parties think otherwise - as well as the words of Donald himself in front of Lester Holt on live television. But nothing is preventing you or anyone from working on his re-election.

Nancy can take all the time she needs on the toilet, bless her heart.


@6: Nancy Pelosi's sole concern is retaining her position of power until she literally dies.

She has been in congress for over 30 years and has not rocked a single boat, or made a statement that was not politically unpalatable to over 50% of Americans. She isn't starting now on a Quixotic impeachment quest she has no chance of winning.


Nancy knows impeachment will cost her the Speakership and the Democrats the House.
Democrats elected in the past midterms from moderate districts will find themselves out of work.
She is trying to reign in the Haters and Loons, but will fail.
We dare you.


@7: Yes, Nancy's diet is low on fiber. This will take some time. We just have to be patient.


By law, all politicians should use the same song. Perhaps "Little Lies" by Fleetwood Mac?


@7: Impeachment is still an important duty by Congress and essential to keep future presidents in line whether or not there is conviction in the Senate.


In other News, Gov. Jay makes a damn fine appearance on a show that Always blows far right minds everywhere: "Democracy Now!" See him look and sound ... almost Presidential.


@9 lol