Reporter Mike Rosenberg Resigns from the Seattle Times After Allegedly Sending Inappropriate Twitter Messages



Well, where we cannot do over, we can learn. Everyone else: you’re on notice.


He was a sanctimonious twit anyway.


You know, what you post on social media IS in the public domain.

If you share something in a post or text you wouldn't ever want to hear read out loud or shown in open court . . . why would you think it won't come back to ruin your life?

It's NOT private if it can be saved, copied and pasted, forwarded, re-posted, or shared.

What a generation of over-sharing dumb asses is all I can think.


Ooh, 1970!


I'm sorry to hear this. The whole story seems bizarre. Mike's actions seemed reckless, but I'm uncomfortable to hear this was a hanging offense career wise. The woman who reported this to the Seattle Times I would never hope to deal with. I hope she's shown no mercy next time she makes a mistake.


Da fuq @6? There’s lots of dumb examples of cancel culture (see Katie’s post a few spots up) but this is termination-level perverted, full stop.

  1. I agree that after this was brought public it would have be very difficult for the ST to retain Mike (and given the unforgetting nature of the internet he may have to change his name to get a new job anywhere).

My point was Talia Jane seemed intent on destroying Mike and I disagree that given the circumstances that was the right thing to do. If he had sexually harrassed her in a workplace setting, or physically assualted her, sure, but making a (very) crude comment to her on the internet in my view doesn't justify the way she handled the matter. Mike had no professional power over her and lived thousands of miles away. She could have easily 86ed him and left it at that.

For me, the penalty he's paying doesn't fit the offense. There seems to be something "off" with his accuser to me.


I always find it interesting that otherwise liberal people are more than happy to hand over more and more control and power to employers. Won't be too long until I'm able to ask my employees to check their phones before their work day starts to make sure they didn't send anything I deem inappropriate.


If I had a lying, SJW twat like Talia Jane accusing me of ANYTHING I would not only NOT resign, I would tell the virtue-signaling cunt to go fuck herself.


@10 That attitude is probably similar to the one that prompted Rosenberg to text her the "cum on your face" line in the first place. And, seriously, I get that asking for what you want is considered the best way to eventually get it, but who else thinks that's the first best pickup line to use?