Repent, Resent, or Reinvent: How to Survive a Pile-On



The refusal to tolerate the existence of ideas and opinions one disagrees with;
the insistence on wiping them from the earth and the expresser of them as well;
are core Fascist values.
Our liberty is imperiled by virulent Leftist Hatred and Fascism.

Our universities breed them, are staffed by them, over run by them;
they fill Leftist "news" organizations
they have infested the Democrat Party.

They and Liberty cannot occupy the same space, the same society, for long.


Lea, this wasn't a political situation or controversy. Have you read the MFA essay? The kickback to it had nothing to do with leftism.


It doesn't matter.
Politics, Science, Social Policy, Public Health Policy; if you disagree with the Fascists you are a patriarchy homophobe racist sexist nazi blah blah blah; and evil to boot.
You must be shunned, fired, ruined and run out of business.
The Fascist Left is so fragile it is incapable and unwilling to endure any opinion different from it's own.


and if you beat them in an election you must be impeached, the calls for your impeachment will rise before you are even sworn into office....


I've said this before: it would be grand if we had some way to keep track of the most egregiously and perpetually outraged on social media, so could 'cancel' them.


Katie I enjoyed this piece - but I have to wonder if you will be the subject of an online mob for your particularly dispassionate description of Jon Ronson's perceived racist slant. Whose side are you on?


3: Yes, I'm sure everyone who isn't a leftist is being ruined. I remember just last week when 4,000 or so Republicans and moderate Democrats were thrown out of work and forced to live in pogroms, kicked and beaten, and burned alive because they supported free speech. LOL.

Jesus Christ, you live in a fucking fantasy world.


"there have been at least a few incidents in which online pile-ons have led to suicide, including that of August Ames, a porn star with a history of depression who killed herself following a Twitter pile-on in 2017"

the podcast makes it clear that the twitter pile-on was incidental to her suicide


4: Yeah, gods forbid a president be impeached for breaking the fucking law.


I don’t think this profile of a startup dude needed 7 paragraphs of KH’s usual dead horse flogging, especially since the subject barely addresses the circumstances of his own ‘cancellation.’



Ahhh, so scary! You should go to your safe space and have a cry.


Can we all just admit that the internet was a bad idea?



And you know what the best part is? This "Lea Soratto" profile of yours is right about at that age at which your profiles, and all of the associated vapid content therein, always get banned. So your whiny rant about nobody listening to you is soon to be deleted and rendered inaccessible! Comic gold, that. Keep up the good work!


Great article, KH! This is head and shoulders above The Stranger's usual obsession with weed, sodomy, and 'Social Justice' (tm).

I'm not surprised that he was pilloried for daring to suggest that most people who go into writing programs are deluded, talentless hacks; The Stranger is lousy with them. I'm delighted he was able to land on his feet; not everyone is so lucky.


Katie Herzog is the only talented writer left at The Stranger. I really don’t understand why she’s still here. Time for a pool: How long before Katie leaves for greener pastures (or gets fired for showing up the rest of the crack reporters at Slog): 6 months, 1 year, or 2 years?


I remember the original MFA piece. It was great. Spot on.

As far as Ms. Herzog is concerned the prose style and mechanics are good but the so called revelations in many cases aren't well researched. I thought this particular piece was good. She is more of an opinion writer though her conclusions often appear predetermined and not supported by what happened in that particular situation.


Re-reading Boudinots original essay is insane. Mostly because I forgot how fucking great it is. I think one of the primary factors is in how tone comes across in text on the web. I read his essay as sarcastic, biting, tongue-in-cheek. Hilarious. Useful. The fact that it stirred such wide outrage is absolutely, stunningly idiotic. It’d be like saying “I can’t afford these $10 beers in Seattle anymore, I’m moving to Mars,” and having an outpouring of interest and concern over the practical means of undertaking the proposed move to a neighboring planet. Words, contrary to cancel cultures primary belief system, can actually be only words. Not to mention the original essay actually contains really great advice for reading and writing better.

Sorry to revert to ranting about the original incident, but fuck me if it doesn’t seem even more unbelievable as we hurdle into this dystopian future.


Eh, you may not like Herzog's takes, but at least someone at The Stranger is writing about something other than weed, shitty musicians, or just rambling on incoherently.


perhap ironic is the word you are looking for.


The Boudinot essay is great. Anyone who is harassing him for it should be ashamed of his/herself. There is nothing wrong with a realistic discussion of the likelihood of success in a tough career area.

Everyone who is declaring an English major should be assigned to read this & explain how the hell they plan to make a living later, or why they think that they don't need to. Would the pitchfork-bearing mobs have come after an NBA player who wrote something explaining in realistic terms how hard it is to become a pro, or how unlikely it is that you will actually make it? Knocking some sense into people is actually a public service, and Boudinot should have been rewarded, not harassed.


In fairness, Boudinot chose to antagonize talentless would-be authors. One would be hard-pressed to pick a group more likely to respond by flooding the internet with page after page of bitter, poorly-reasoned screeds.


As a talentless, would-be author I wholeheartedly endorse Mr. Boudinot’s original essay.


I'm sure this has nothing to do with you being "piled on" for being a white supremacist apologist or TERF/transphobe. Keep "both sides"ing Katie, as some "nuanced" analysis. Keep using your spicy takes as a shield for your shit politics and somehow even shittier writing. lol