Hows Biden handling the heat?
How's Biden handling the heat? SCOTT OLSON / GETTY IMAGES

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It's eight months until the primary, and Joe Biden is slipping in the Iowa polls. Mayor Pete and Sen. Elizabeth Warren are biting into his lead. The other candidates are smelling blood, as is Donald Trump, who somehow still remains President of the United States. Trump and Biden “traded barbs” on Tuesday, according to a barb by barb piece in the New York Times. And the other Democratic candidates have been getting hits in all over the place. How is Biden faring in his fight with Trump? And Biden says Democrats attacking Democrats will lead to a Trump victory. Is that so? Dan Savage, Katie Herzog, and Rich Smith hash it out.

After that, we talk about the climate change debate debate. Governor and presidential candidate Jay Inslee is calling for the Democrats to dedicate a whole debate to climate change. Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez thinks Inslee's request is "impractical." Uh, is it?

Finally, the FIFA Women's World Cup is happening! If the U.S. women's national soccer team clobbers Thailand's women's national soccer team 13 to 0, does it make a sound? Was it rude for the U.S. women's team to celebrate , as some reply guys on the internet have claimed? And why doesn't anyone seem to care as much about the Women's World Cup as they care about the Men's world Cup? Rich talks it out with Stranger writer Nathalie Graham.