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Alright, what's up, how was your week? You forgot there was a Seattle City Council election going on—what? Haven't you been stopped by canvassers outside your local Trader Joe's like the rest of us?! Don't worry. I'm going to get you up to speed. Lester Black, who usually does this thing is OUT and by OUT I mean he's in ITALY, and I'm upset about it! Enough of that. Let's talk council news.

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Candidates capitalize on Democracy Voucher program: Democracy Vouchers are magic. You just pick a candidate, sign your name, and you can send up to $100 in voucher money (which is real actual money you paid for with taxes!!) to whomever tickles your fancy in a fun I-believe-in-this-politician way (a saucy, almost unheard of kink). Most candidates are jumping at the chance to get that sweet, sweet voucher cash. Some, like Kshama Sawant (D3), aren't. And Sawant's financials aren't hurting—more on that later. But, candidates featured in this Seattle Times article like Ami Nguyen (D3), Logan Bowers (D3), and Shaun Scott (D4) are working the DV angle and working it well. Their campaign coffers are lined with voter-funded money, and it's making all the difference.

A Seattle McMansion meeting: This isn't explicitly city council election news, but it will be relevant to whoever's elected to the council. On Tuesday the current council held a public hearing on Mike O’Brien’s proposed ban on McMansions which would reduce restrictions on backyard cottages and ban McMansions to increase density. Soft density. Or maybe short density. Not tall density. We’re just talking about making it easier for people to build a lil house on their property to rent out to their old moms or to one of the thousands of people who move into this city every month. People who supported the legislation offered smart arguments and moving anecdotes, while those who didn’t support the legislation said dumb stuff like “I want to see us include neighborhoods in the discussion,” according to KING5. Neighborhoods have BEEN in the discussion about backyard cottages, but the only thing they seem to say is Not In My Back Yard. (Ghostwritten by Rich Smith)

A quick twitter break: Let's break up this news business to see what's important to our tweet-friendly council candidates. Not many seem to be social media savvy. Or, they're on Facebook and I don't fuck with Facebook. I'd apologize to the Facebook demographic, but do they really read Slog? Hard to imagine.

Cute lil D2 carpool: Get in loser, we're trying to represent South Seattle.

Bowers is keeping it clean: Solowheels run on electricity anyway, right?

Emily Myers (D4) is a scientist: And she tweeted to check out some of her science that she does on Instagram!

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A day in the life of a #scientist: To develop the technology for my thesis, I use cells that can be grown in the lab rather than precious 🧠 tissue. Through genetic engineering, these cells are chemically similar to the part of the brain I'm studying. . . 1. These cells have been treated with a drug overnight. That pink liquid feeds the cells. They have to be kept sterile in this hood, otherwise bacteria will take over 😑 and ruin the experiment 2. Check out the cells with 🔬 3. I collect the cells by washing with them with cold saline a few times, then scraping them with a teeny spatula. 4. Centrifuge them to collect the cells at the bottom and remove the excess saline 5. ⚡Flash freeze ❄ them in liquid nitrogen and store them until at -80c (-112F) until I'm ready for the next step. #scicomm #ElectScientists #CellCulture #Parkinsons

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Shaun Scott (D4) memed me: I ask candidates about everything they've bought ONE TIME.

Anti-Semitism in the race? There was a post on 8chan, a forum steeped in deplorable shit, that singled out Ari Hoffman, a District 2 candidate. The post hurled threats and anti-Semitic slurs at Hoffman. It was allegedly sent to the FBI and local police who are keeping an eye on the matter. Rich Smith has more here.

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You've heard of CASE... But have you heard of CAPE? Civic Alliance for a Progressive Economy is a PAC launched by Working Washington (and others) to combat CASE, the Chamber of Commerce's PAC that's funded by $200,000 of Amazon money and other expensive interests to flip the city council. CAPE wants to defend Seattle's progressive politics and stick it to the business lobby. They're going to rate candidates based on answers to a questionnaire they sent out, according to the Seattle Times. They haven't raised any money yet.

Over half of Kshama Sawant's campaign contributions come from outside Seattle: Her competition isn't too pleased about it. Sawant's camp said that working class people from across the country are just inspired by Sawant and her message. We looked into some of the people who have donated to her.

An original version of this post featured a candidate who has since withdrawn from the race. It has been updated.