Slog PM: Trump Kicks off Campaign with Hillary Clinton's Emails, Canada Celebrates Orca Month by Passing Pipeline through Salish Sea



There's a weekly in Seattle that highly recommends the Mecca. Not sure if they advertise in that weekly, but they say it's an awesome place. Can't remember the name of that weekly though...seems like they are enabling a predator. The Stranger should check into it!!


The Mecca Cafe is not a dive. It's a diner with a bar with a rich historic history. Seattle newbies typically label such venues as dives when unfamiliar with their history and distinction.


Those Seattle COLA cranks are nothing but Safe Seattle with dogs. They think their dog should have the same rights as your kid. They think they should get city services in proportion to the amount of sales tax they pay on dog food and squeaky toys, and children should get less because apparently the sales tax collected on kids juice boxes, xboxes, diapers, day camps, clothing, skateboards, orthodontia, and bulletproof backpacks are not as much as they spend on their fat black lab named Bear (boy) or Lady (girl).

NY Mag didn't name Seattle the worst city to own a dog. It listed Seattle as "a worst" -- grammatically ridiculous for comedic effect -- alongside Denver which is also a Worst, and Yulin, China and Saudi Arabia, which are not in the US but are worsts. And the reason NY Mag mentions Seattle? "Activist owners say there isn’t enough room for them to roam free"!!!

Activist owners? Seattle COLA, in other words? You think NY Mag knows fuck all about Seattle or its dog parks? They saw some online trolling from Seattle COLA and wrote a listicle. COLA also complains "a new enforcement team will cruise Seattle’s parks to make sure all dogs are on leashes and owners are carrying scoop equipment." Um, I see nothing wrong here. You're pissed that we make sure you don't leave dog shit all over our parks? No wonder we haven't been tripping over ourselves to build you more acres of dog parks. Almost like dog owners haven't exactly ingratiated themselves.

Seattle COLA: bad people, same loony tunes cuckoo birds as the Safe Seattle/Speak Out Seattle hate group. Tell them when Mt. Rainier explodes or N. Korea nukes us, and shit gets realer than real, we're feeding your cute dog to our hungry kids, same as it ever was since Man's Best Friend joined our hunter-gatherer ancestors. That's just how it is, man. Priorities.

Oh, I almost forgot: JULY 27, 2016! That's the date on the NY Mag thing. That idiotic COLA Golden Gardens sign has been hanging there for three years. The internet is a race and Reddit has lost.


I'm glad you posted something on Meinert buying the Mecca, but I feel it's a bit buried here, and I think I know why...


Vice isn't dying.

According to the Variety article, the "drop in traffic" is a change in the way traffic is counted, with and now being broken out and reported separately.

SLOG is dying.

Your traffic might be fine today, but that's not going to last if you keep padding out two thirds of the front page with re-posts and advertorials. Did The Stranger quietly fire half of its writers recently, or something?


"Slog commenter Kristofarian was right."
I'm gonna get that framed.

Glad I could help!


Trump is not only the best President this Country has ever had, he's the best President we will ever have.


@7 - Sure, so long as by "this country" you mean Russia.


@1 yeah. What is that weekly? Wasn’t it the same weekly that had a cozy relationship with Mienert as a major advertiser and whose star editor fired the reporter who broke the story on Mienert and also fired a food critic when she told them Mienert assaulted her? What was the name of that weekly again? I feel like Chase is leaving out some important details.


Prezinazi AntiChrist and that orgy of hate-KKKrazed Despicables are the world’s incontrovertible argument in favor of abortion.


Sadly, @3 is correct. As is @1 and @9.


@7 jackass: Fuck you and of Trumpty Dumpty's neofascist lies, hatred, and propaganda you rode in on. When there's a catastrophic oil spill, pipeline and or volcanic eruption, or major earthquake, do everyone a favor and be among the first to go.
@10 Original Andrew for the WIN.

Look at all the dumbfuck haters cheering on their neofascist PIgfucker-in-Chief. This is beyond repulsive, sanity or reason. FUCK YOU, Trump, Pence, jackass @7 and all your trolling ilk, Justin Trudeau, and all Canadian idiots pushing their globally decimating Trans Mountain Pipeline. The PNW and the rest of the world is fucked.


@8 dvs99: Thank you for beating me to it. Spot on and seconded.


Hasn't Meinert always had a close to controlling level of investment it Mecca? Various cooks I've hired over the years always made me think so. They often rotated shifts between his various businesses while employed with him.