The Security Staff at the Frye Have Their Union, Baby!



Time to buy some $50 webcams, hire one person, give them some donuts and a dark room.

How's the metaphor of hard working, highly trained, blue collar welders and ironworkers banging away on the building across the street going?



And when some sugar-hopped three year-old smears their melted chocolate ice cream coated hands all over a valuable late 19th century portrait - the event captured for posterity on CCTV by a lone minimum wage-slave ensconced in a back room far, far away from the actual gallery - I'm sure the Frye will no doubt be singing paeans of admiration to you for your expert advice.

Fucking dumb-ass...


@2 Well, clearly these highly skilled, talented and irreplaceable workers should be paid starting salaries of $70K a year with vacation and full pensions after 30 years.

Either that or buy some velvet ropes to keep the ice cream away from the art.



Well, clearly they need to be making more than whatever your boss pays you, since they're obviously way smarter than you you are.


@4 That would be tough since I am the boss.


Why are conservatives so insecure and jealous of the small victories of others?


@6 isn’t that what my high taxes are caused by, class envy?


I trust that union guidelines will help them distinguish between performance art and security breaches.


Oh boo, hoo! @7's taxes are too high! That's chapter one of the "Whiney Conservative Victim for Dummies". They haven't had any new material in ages.

I'm sure he'd also tell us that he's a small business owner who is a self-made man, employs dozens of people and is crushed by nanny state regulations.

All these Slog trolls are just desperately lonely middle-aged white guys who see life passing them by and can't afford hookers.


@9 A simple thank you would suffice sugartits. Who do you think pays for that cushy city pension you’ll be getting?


Pension criticism! That's chapter 14 I think....


@9: It could be not for lack of affordability, but that the merchandise is overvalued and inferior quality.


"If you are making poverty wage (aka minimum) you will never earn more if you do not unionize."

Just ask all those laid off auto workers in Detroit now the car industry has moved to Southern, non-union states.

But hey, you did pay for your union boss's nice Cadillac with your fees, so there's that.


Today’s top story? Seriously??

I’m guessing that the editors are all busy looking for other jobs, before The Stranger totally craters.


Chapter 27 "Unions Are Killing Jobs!"

The auto industry has moved to southern, non-union states? Somebody forgot to tell GM.....



"industries destroyed by unions" for $50, Alex!

Alas, soon we will also be tossing Mall Cops on the dustbin of Labor history...


Oh Lea. Poor, dear, naive, Lea. In his odd little world, nobody flies and nobody drives. No one goes to school. And the internet doesn't exist, except to complain on Slog about the things that make him angry.