Slog AM: SDOT to Reevaluate 35th Avenue Redesign After Motorcyclist Death, Horse Girls Are Evolving, Hope Hicks (Finally) Has a Hearing



First, close your damn HTML tags, you barbarians. You took away our ability to use them, yet you are unable to utilize them responsibly. My gears are grinding.

Just a PSA to people who like to steal shit, Wal-Mart basically does not allow their employees to stop you from shoplifting, and I doubt anyone who works at a Wal-Mart even gives a rat's ass. Don't start fires, just literally walk out with something, if you must. No one will stop you, just don't so it at the same place more than once a month. Target is another story. Target will nail you to the fucking wall.

On another note, avocado may be the most overrated trendy food of all time. It's not that good.


“... all the gay people I know have said that it's okay to eat Chik-fil-A despite their bullshit, anti-LGBT politics.”

You mean all the shallow, vapid, totally self-involved queens that don’t give a shit about anything other than their tweezed eyebrows gave you the green light on the H8 chicken. Hey, how about dessert at the Cracker Barrel? (Barf).


If Jay Inslee has gotten through his entire adult life without embarrassment, he's also gotten through his entire adult life without self-awareness. He embodies perfectly the aw-shucks hokiness that passes for authenticity in this goddamn state.


Meanwhile Trumpers enjoy fine dining in Seattle's finer restaurants, typically run and operated by people who despise them. They're polite and don't make a scene.

While a hungry gay trucker grabs a Chic-fil-A for lunch.

People are not always adherent to their convictions. Especially when hunger and cravings take over. Moral of the story? Shut up and let folks eat in peace.


@3: just let it go.

Jay's having more fun running for POTUS than he's had his entire life, certainly more than he had dealing with the Tom/Shelton traitor caucus in the state senate.

he really is a provincial doofus, as are most WA natives, and he's letting it all hang out. he knows he's got no shot, but secretary of the interior would be awesome.


my name is riz. now you know me. do NOT eat at chik-fil-a. thanks


@4: So they should start impeachment proceedings, is what you're saying? That allow them to go from asking to demanding, after all.


@7 i am gay. a gay who does not eat chik-fil-a.


Stationery. Writing materials are found in the stationery section of Walmart. The stationary section is the one that never moves.


Somebody needs to tell the horse-teens about the bronies, or things are going to get really gross out there.

The internet just isn't a safe space for teen girls to get weird, sadly.


@10: It's good to note homonym dings, but nevertheless it's so nice having Nathalie compared to the previous guy who seemed to have a last minute haphazard approach to Slog AM.


I am Taylor.

I am Ray.
From the Bay.

That Ray-from-Bay!
That Ray-from-Bay!
I do not like
That Ray-from-Bay.

Do you eat at Chik-fil-a?

I do not like them,
I do not eat at

Would you like them
there or here?

I would not like them
there or here.
I would not like them
I am queer.
I do not like that
I do not like them any day.

Would you like them
with your spouse
while listening to
Johann Strauss?

I do not like them
with my spouse
while listening to
Johann Strausss.
I do not like them
there or here
I do not like them,
I am queer.
I do not like that Chik-fil-A
I do not like them


What is the theory under which chick-fil-a isn't cancelled?Is it simply "well it's tasty"?


@16: Yes, but also because they hire people who are not angry and surly 100% of the time, and they actually treat their customers like they want them to come back, instead of treating them like they are scum for entering the building.

Not to mention, an average Chik-Fil-A will have you out the door in 10 minutes even if there are 8 people in line. Any other fast food place takes that long to convince themselves/figure out how to ask you what you want.


"Hopefully, one day Alexa will be able to listen to us having sex and give us tips and tricks based on how we're grunting."

I hope Alexa also promptly reports all non-Legal SEXUAL activities taking place in one's Boudoir, to the proper Fundamentalistic Authorities, who WILL Need to Know.

Plus any and all possible conspiracies She happens to overhear. Sadly, for Conspirators, they say She can hear a mouse piss on cotton from 300 yards (on a windy day), so, please -- keep your voices down.


"Today in 1865, 2yrs after Emancipation Proclamation, slaves in Texas were notified by union soldiers they were indeed free."

One state below the Bible Belt (is it Mississippi?)
still hasn't tole their slaves...
Nor the Slaveholders.

(Is it THEIR "fault" slaves couldn't read?!)
That's right -- blame the Victims.

Who musta somehow guessed Trumfpy'd come along, some day,
and why upset the apple cart, if we're just gonna go right back to
America's Golden Days, anyways....

MAGAt, Baby!


Chick-fil-a is a cultural icon and a piece of what is still fine about America.
Folks who don't want to eat there should really do the rest of us a favor and stay far away.
We won't mind. At all.



I presume her characterization of the proceedings as a "farce" is directed more toward the obstructionist WH counsel who are essentially gagging Ms. Hick from getting anything more than her first and last name into the committee record.

And why ANYONE would feel a need to eat at Chik-fil-PRAY when there are literally hundreds of other local places to get greasy fried chicken is beyond me.


cancelation is a hashtag twitter thing, not an edict

@20 that’s usually how these things work out but i’ve never known anyone who actually cares about “the scene” at fast food restaurants except maybe when we used to hang out at burger king in high school because we had nowhere else to go


Are people having trouble peeling garlic with their hands? Do not use this, ugh, "hack." At the very least you will probably mash into a clove still on the bulb which will rot and stink up your kitchen overnight. Also you're gonna cut yourself real good.


People just fake up these videos to hack-catfish you and see if you can't be bothered to fact-check them.


You couldn't pay me to eat at a Chick-fil-a. Even their name is an abomination.