Are We Still Protesting Chick-fil-A? Because They Are Opening a Store in Seattle



There's really no other company ostentatious in its piety like Chick-fil-a. Hobby Lobby maybe is a distant second because of that case that made it to the USSC a few years back and they are also (last I heard) closed on Sundays. but C-F-A is in a class by itself.

So its pretty obvious why this company, and not Comcast, is a bit of a lightning rod.


People boycotted chikfila because their “charitable” org the winshape foundation supported exodus international - an ex-gay conversion therapy group - among other antigay organizations. A portion of every sale funded the psychological abuse of queer children. They apparently don’t do this anymore but they’re still owned by xtian weirdos.

I know 2012 is ancient history in internet years but all this info is still out there.


n.b. Bitter Lake is north of North Gate, out on the other side of Evergreen-Washelli


Isn't a bit off to preempt a protest that doesn't yet exist. You've written a story that doesn't exist.

Also, there are already Chick fil-As in the Seattle metro.


Isn't a bit off to preempt a protest that doesn't yet exist. You've written a story that doesn't exist. It's one thing to reject to a protest, it's quite another thing to reject a protest that, as far as your story is concerned, hasn't been planned.

Also, there are already Chick fil-As in the Seattle metro.


It’s even more off to write a blog post asking a question that could be answered with the journalistic due diligence of a simple google search but hey i clicked so joke’s on me i guess


Having just one Chic-Fil-A doesn’t, as a taste test, compromise LGBTQ ethics.


Haven’t had, will eventually try on way home from Costco.



Please straightsplain to the rest of us how "give(ing) money to anti-gay politicians" ISN'T "actively promote(ing) an anti-gay agenda"...


Lemme know if you want a ride, Herzog.

If you wanna bring someone else you’ll have to help me bring the futon inside.


@2 there's a Chick-Fil-A in the new Georgia Stadium, home of the NFL Atlanta Falcons, and even though that location is operated by Aramark or whatever vendor has the contract for that stadium, they're STILL closed on Sundays. I know "sincerely held religious beliefs" is more of a euphamism for hypocrisy than a real thing, but it seems the Chick-Fil-A owners are, at least, sincerely religious.



Yeah, power to promote an anti-gay agenda - see how that works?


"dude is a major Jesus freak"
You mean like Matthew 25:40 ? I don't think so, these people are strictly Old Testament, I'm not sure what that makes them, But "Christ" sould not be part of the name. Interesting how Leviticus 20:13 is a great idea, but 20:10 (which came first) not so much.
Also, the internet says Chick-fil-A has a "Smokehouse BBQ BACON sandwich" what about 20:25 you heathens!


The classic Chick-Fil-A sandwich is a triumph of marketing. Any nitwit with an electric skillet, some chicken cutlets, vegetable oil, flour, and pickle juice can make it. That's probably part of the reason why "conservatives" are so into it (that and the whole jesus thing)

If they want to have a restaurant in Seattle, who cares? There's a Hobby Lobby in the same area. Trashy people have to shop and eat also, maybe it's better if they stay up north?


@13, No. 11 is right, Corporations will give money to Politicians who work in their favor despite those Politician's views on Gay Rights that are contrary to corporate policy. They give money to Politicians who support Gay Rights too when they can get what they want.

The young people today forget the great strides and accomplishments the baby boomers marched and protested in the streets for that you simply take for granted today. Otherwise you would still have Stonewall's happening now.

As far as Chick-fail-A goes their Christian hopes and dreams are fading and will continue to do so. Go ahead and eat there, and let them waste their money on those diminishing societal views. At least they treat their employees well.


@17 et al. -- It is fairly common for businesses to give money to both Democrats and Republicans. It is their way of trying to curry political favor from whoever is in charge. In repressive areas of this great republic (e. g. The South) a business that wants to make more money has to grease the wheels sometimes, even if it means dealing with nefarious characters. Thus these businesses give money to assholes.

Then there are actual assholes, like the people who run Chick-Fil-A. Those fuckers really believe that gay people are evil. They want to convert them, jail them, and otherwise fuck with their lives just like their ancestors fucked with black people, back in the day. Fuck them, fuck their shitty ass chicken. Just go to Lake City and eat some Ezells if you got a fried chicken fix.


I figure if you're one of those people who tells anyone who will listen that you have to go get your In-N-Out burger as soon as you hit the tarmac when you fly into LA, you might as well gobble down some Chik-Fil-A between trips.


Is it in the Aurora Shopping Complexes Restaurant of Death? Back in the Day it was a chinese place, then it was Bill Nye's Outback franchise, and then a Starbucks drive through for many years? Ingraham kids are gonna be all up in that piece.


People are gonna hate this place, but not for the reasons cited. They are going to have a daily line of cars backing well into the street and possibly up to Aurora.

If the lines at the ones in Lynnwood and Bellevue are any indication, the traffic is going to suck for a looooong time because of this place.


@22 Maybe some will take the E line there.


Gotta love the tolerant left. :/


As I recall, the lines at Krispy Kreme donuts were super long until the novelty wore off. I am not spending a penny at Chick Fil A and I hope they go out of business or die a slow death which is what vacant Hobby Lobby is doing across the street.


Ma’ono, Ross.

Ma’ono all the fucking way.

I wish Ezell’s did hot chicken that wasn’t just covered in Frank’s.


God damnit that was my third wish.

I wished for an alarm clock-free existence, I wished to be censured before parliament, and I just fucking wished for Ezell’s to make some legit hot chicken.

God fucking damnit.



Mark Fuller is a very nice guy and his food is perfect, but he charges double what you'll pay at Ezell's. For some people, $20 is just too damn much for half a bird with no sides.


The authors attitude towards the Bitter Lake neighbor hood is indicative of the elitist knee jerk leftist ruining Seattle. I identify as in the left too. “Where the hell is bitter lake anyway?” It’s not cool to act like your neighborhood is better than another, nor is it socially just. You know who lives in neighborhoods outside of what is considered “real”seattle? poor people and people of color.


Ditto @29 - you don’t know all the neighborhoods in Seattle? Get a map and look it up. Real people live there and the further north you go, the more diverse it gets.


Two approaches to looking at smaller neighborhoods in Seattle:

The Stranger: “Where the hell is bitter lake anyway?"

Crosscut: "Here's some history of the spring at Licton Springs Park:"


Funny, the Chik-Fil-A stores in Bellevue and Kirkland have been open for years, and yet there's always a line around the block.

I guess the boycott isn't quite working because yummy fast food (whatever that means to you) and $$ always trump politics. But I suspect Capitol Hill won't be getting one soon, lol.


The Stranger's multi-generational disdain for and nonexistent knowledge of parts of Seattle outside of the city center really pisses me off, and has since the 90s. If you have been living in Seattle as long as you have and don't know where Bitter Lake is, you are some kind of blind that I can't adequately describe. It isn't even a hidden neighborhood. There used to be a fucking amusement park there. Ugh.


I’m here to soak up the insufferable, predictable stream of food snobbery, arrogance and imagined elitism that brings back fond memories of my time living on campus (aka-the hill) back in the day. Thanks for the walk down memory lane.


You've never been to 130th and Aurora before? You need to jump on the E line some time and ride it from downtown to Costco out on 205th and back.


The gays didn't mind the blatant hypocrisy and lies of Obama and the Clintons, whose positions on all things homo waffled and waned with the winds of political fad and fortune, so a little fried chicken ought to go down pretty easy.


That sounds almost as easy as whipping up a cup of coffee;
what nitwit would pay $7 for that?


Can we get the crosswalk in front of the space painted like the Capitol Hill rainbow crosswalks? Just as a lovely reminder? Council Member Debora Juarez, this is your district, can you make that happen??


The LEFT should the BIBLE on how they want everybody to lives. As always if they don't get their way. They are whine, cry,harass, cursing, threaten to boycott on all the spineless followers around here. Cut to the point, tell us how to live already. Cut the song and dance!


No interest in eating dead birds who must likely lived miserable lives before they were slaughtered. Gross.