Its like Wheres Waldo, but with Republican senators.
It's like Where's Waldo, but with Republican senators. Getty Images

Senator-Hunt in Oregon: This is my favorite type of statehouse drama. Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has requested that the Oregon State Police go out and retrieve Senate Republicans who have fled the state's capitol building in an attempt to prevent the passage of carbon-reduction legislation, reports Willamette Week. Two-thirds of the members of the Oregon Senate must be present for a vote, so the Republican flight is an opportunity to obstruct the vote. Gov. Brown had already warned the Republican senators earlier this week that she would call the cops to bring them back if they fled. She has threatened to call another legislative session in July if the cops are unable to do so. The Oregon State Police released an official statement this afternoon saying they will retrieve the senators "in a peaceful, gentle, and process-supporting way." How nice.

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Day 4 of Stranger Election Control Board meetings ends in tragedy: No one brought us snacks. Not. One. Snack. If you've been following along, you know that candidates running for election have brought the Stranger Election Control Board an incredibly diverse array of carbs this week. Today was a stain on that legacy. We have three more meetings tomorrow. Snacks are in our prayers.

New interviews suggest that hundreds of children are being held in inhumane conditions at the border: After interviewing dozens of children at a Border Patrol station in Texas, a legal team believes that around 250 children are in a "traumatic and dangerous" situation, reports AP. The lawyers believe that infants, children, and teens have been locked up for up to 27 days without appropriate food, water, and sanitation. Border Patrol has asked Congress for emergency funding, saying they are nearly 11,000 people over capacity. “In my 22 years of doing visits with children in detention I have never heard of this level of inhumanity,” an attorney told AP.

Meanwhile: The Trump administration is arguing in court that migrant children don't really need basic things like toothbrushes or soap. Apparently, in an evil attempt to cut costs, the administration is claiming that basic hygiene products aren't necessary to keeping up "safe and sanitary" conditions. They also argued that they can maintain "safe and sanitary" conditions while allowing children to sleep on cold concrete floors in crowded cells. If that sounds like a concentration camp, it's because it is. Experts recently agreed with AOC that ICE detention facilities are concentration camps.

Remember Roy Moore?: This guy?

He's back: As the Daily Beast tweet announced, he's running for the Alabama Senate. Worse: He recently saw an uptick in polls. An April poll showed that 27% of Republicans would support Roy Moore in Alabama's 2020 Senate race.

That 27% apparently doesn't include McConnell: The Republican turtle from Kentucky has said Moore "can do what he wants to, but we’re certainly going to oppose him in every way."

It looks like it's the end for Johnny's Bar & Grill: The Puyallup bar has been issued an emergency suspension of its liquor license, the first emergency suspension issued by the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) this year, because the bar has allegedly been involved in drug trafficking. Undercover cops bought 44.7 grams of cocaine—I believe anything above 40 grams is colloquially referred to as a "Scarface cocaine mountain"—from the owner, leading to his arrest. The license is suspended until Dec. 15, 2019, but WSLCB has said they will attempt to revoke it permanently after that date. The owner's name has not been released, but I'm going to assume his name is Johnny.

Check out these new light-rail trains you bought: Well, you bought them if you pay your taxes.

They cost taxpayers a total of $642 million: Writes Seattle Times's Mike Lindblom, and their middle aisles are 8 inches wider than our current Kinkisharyo trains. Now you won't have to rub knees with your neighbor, which, depending on what you're into, may or may not be a bummer. They're expected to start rolling out in early 2020.

The radioactive leak at Harborview is still a mess: Margo Vansynghel has a great feature on Capitol Hill Seattle Blog about what's going on with the cleanup at Harborview. It's been over six weeks since radioactive material was leaked in a building on the Harborview campus, leaving 13 people exposed. Little information is available, but Vansynghel's feature is the most detailed account I've seen so far. Vansynghel reports that the building remains locked down and isn't anticipated to reopen until after Labor Day. An estimated four dozen people from the Department of Energy have visited Harborview to oversee the leak's clean-up. (I can't think about this spill without imagining HBO's Chernobyl. You've seen it, right? It's good. Although, maybe wait to watch it if you live near Harborview.)

If you don't feel like reading about radioactive leaks this evening: Maybe this long-read is more your style.

That trial for the couple accused of assaulting protesters outside a Milo Yiannopoulos speech at UW in 2017 has been delayed: Until at least July 30, reports the Seattle Times. The case has been unusual. Elizabeth Hokoanas, 31, has admitted to shooting a protestor named Joshua Phelan Dukes in the stomach outside of Yiannopoulos's speech held at Kane Hall. Dukes's injuries were nearly fatal. Hokoanas has claimed the shooting was motivated by self-defense. Surprisingly, Dukes has refused to testify in the trial because, as he says, "punitive justice does not bring closure or healing." This leaves it on the state to disprove Hokoanas's self-defense claim. Jury selection was supposed to begin this week but was delayed so the defense can appeal a ruling from the trial's judge to exclude certain witnesses.

I think we need to thoroughly investigate the claims presented in this "Find the Best Places for Hot Queer Sex in the City" word find: With our bodies.