Slog AM: Trump Calls Off Drone Strike on Iran; Washington Rapist Allegedly Assaults Victim Again, Leaves Country; Orcas and Belugas Free from Whale Jail



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How do you only get nine months in jail for rape?


Corporate Democrats declare war on Sanders: 3rd Way, the neoliberal hawkish wing of the Democrats claim they have solutions despite their 30-year history of batting for deregulation, outsourcing, privatization and wars: They hope that hiding behind the "moderate" label will again bamboozle people into voting for more of the same, and "bi-partisanship", of course.


@2 if you’re an illegal that’s how. If a judge sentenced him to anything more than 365 days, it’s automatic deportation. Liberal judges in King County have been sentencing illegals to under one year to avoid that. So enjoy.

By the way, he attacked the same woman twice, before and after serving.


not in your story: on thursday, putin told president asshole not to do it. so he didn't.

he's a bullshitting little ballsack, and this situation is 100% his own doing.


Look, sure the illegal immigrant raped a woman and only got a nine month sentence so he was free to hunt the woman down and assault her again as she sat in her wheelchair.

But that judge is definitely not going to be accused of being a racist now, so I think justice was served. Also, since diversity is unquestionably our strength, no one is served by putting minorities in prison for committing violent crimes. Naturally, that just makes our nation weaker.


Unfortunately, the US government has a long, well-documented history of fabricating reasons to start wars of aggression going all the way back to the genocide of Native Americans, and more recently the Gulf of Tonkin/Vietnam, Saudi Arabians attacked us on 9/11 and we went to war with Afghanistan, Nigerian yellowcake forgeries/Iraq, and now these staged tanker and drone attacks/Iran. If they’re breathing, they’re lying to start a war for war-industry profits.

If someone’s getting paid, everyone else is getting played.

On the plus side, these continuous, humiliating fiascos keep the military busy and delay the inevitable, in which the GOP unleashes them against us here at home. In every country in which fascists have seized control—as they have in the US—the police and the military turn on the civilian population 100% of the time.



First there is no evidence that Francisco Carranza-Ramirez was in the U.S. illegally


Does the name Brock Turner mean anything to you?

Then there's these:


@4, @6: Do you have any actual evidence of this claim that judges are going easy on violent criminals because they're illegal immigrants, or is that some fever dream cooked up from your favorite batshit conspiracy websites? I'm gonna guess the latter.


Of course we have awesome giant squid! Our giant squid are rebuilt, new, and ready to go, by far the best in the world. Also giant squids are biting & more added last night. Iran can NEVER have giant squid, not against the USA, and not against the WORLD!


Dudes with non-Hispanic surnames are always held accountable for rape and are always given maximum sentences.


Here’s a fun little reminder from Commandant Bonespurs in 2012:

Don't let Obama play the Iran card in order to start a war in order to get elected--be careful Republicans!
6:43 PM · Oct 22, 2012”


@8 Sure, the judge just asked him to voluntarily return to Mexico just because.....

He should have been handed over to ICE The day he was released but we don’t do that in King county because .... equity.


9 months for 3rd degree rape is probably not unusual for a plea deal but of course everyone knows our judicial system is famous for being soft on minorities


Sure are a lot of whatabouts flying around in here.

@8: Read the article.

@9: Personally, I am talking about one case and one judge. Looks like that judge was pretty lenient on this violent criminal, considering he committed a class C felony. For evidence of the claim, please read the article.


How do we know he’s an illegal? Because if you’re a Mexican citizen in this country and there’s no immigration record of you, ie. a visa, legal border crossing record or green card, then there’s no other possibility.


The only way to know if this sentence is lenient or not would require knowledge of the mean/median sentences in the state for the same offense and criminal history. Every case is unique so even that's not terribly informative but even after reading this article, forming strong opinions one way or the other about his treatment requires a certain leap of faith.

Beyond the initial sentence we know the judge allowed him to leave the country voluntarily rather than community custody for 12 months. I suppose asking him to leave on his own accord requires a level of trust he doesn't deserve but I was under the impression that deportation for foreign nationals who commit felonies was the preferred outcome for the 'muh illegals' crowd, especially when 12 months in state on a tether is the alternative.


Daniel Dale says his tweets give off two of his tells that Trump is lying about this.

But, then, he's an expert on that.

Face it, Trump is lying.


@18 How could a judge in this country order an American citizen to go to Mexico? That kind of judgment wouldn’t last 30 seconds in any court.


@18: The article literally says he is a Mexican native with a birth certificate stating he was born in Mexico, and that the US has no record of him being a legal immigrant and no record of him being a US citizen. The official stance of US law enforcement is that this guy is a Mexican national who was in the US illegally. They also note that he has told them this, and they have no reason not to believe him.

I know these days this is considered a Herculean task, but just read the damn article.


Washington Post today. Joseph Meili convicted of raping an 11 year old and giving her chlamydia got no jail time and 5-years probation. Did the judge think he was Mexican or is this just normal for all dudes?


If he was illegal he couldn't voluntarily return to Mexico, the fact that he was agreeing to leave the U.S. is indicative of Carranza-Ramirez entering the U.S. legally.

The linked article from the Sea-Times quotes the acting Seattle field office director for enforcement and removal operations under U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) as saying Carranza-Ramirez immigration status was indeterminate.

Perhaps Carranza-Ramirez was undocumented, but as I pointed out above his sentence wasn't unusual, which is the issue people should be angry about.

As a society we need to take allegations of sexual assault seriously and accept that victims rarely fabricate.

As a society we also need to stop wasting jail and prison space with non-violent drug offenders.


“The air quality poses no risk to the public”, they say.

“Let’s go play outside on the longest day of the year”, they’ll say.


@27 So he’s not a us citizen. And he has no documentation for legal residency that ICE would have access too.

Gee, I wonder what the third option is?


What should have happened is he should have been released to ICE to be detained and deported. But we don’t do that in a sanctuary state.


did I just not see the heartwarming story on belugas and orcas?


@27: You have done a great job getting this far, but I need you to fire up that brain one more time.

If he is not a US citizen, and customs enforcement does not know what his legal immigration status is because they have no record of him, that means...

You can do it, you are so close!

I mean, it does not even matter at this point, but I really want to get you to that finish line.


Belugas and Orcas are not actually whales....


It’s not a “whatabouism” when dipshit sock puppet being replied to was implying that them damn librulz was a giv’n a mexicun a lighter sentence what good ‘ol red blooded Amurcun rapist would get and commenters pointed out there are AMPLE examples of good ‘ol red blooded Amuricun rapists getting no or extremely light sentences. That’s not a whataboutism. That’s evidence disputing an implied claim. An example of a whataboutism in this case would be “what about all the Americans that raped Iraqis!” Or some such derail.

But anyway I’m sure our resident racist dirtbags gave hefty contributions to the victims GoGund me.

Oh. Wait. She might not be a red blooded Amuricun! What if ICE got involved the victim might get deported? Which happens all the time.


Who cares if he is legal or not? What in the world does that have to do with anything? Rapists are shit people, regardless of immigration status. This judge gave him a light sentence and then allowed him to skip out on the rest of his conviction requirements by leaving the country, all without providing him an escort to the border and without providing an protection to the victim. This is shit all the way around, legal or not. I don't know what difference his documentation has to any of it or why you guys are arguing about it.


Say Yes! to whales!

If "Prez" if so concerned with proportionality (one eye, for one eye, etc), he just needs to re-chat with Best Bud BB Nutan'yahoo, who [apparently] thinks nothing of murdering thousands of Palestinians, should any wayward firecracker disturb Israel's slumber. Then good ole Boulton and the rest of the war-mongering Profiteers can finally just move on with Our Next Adventure: Iran: The War that Ended War.
Armafuckinggeddon or Bust, baby?
Or is it that Dems are getting a little too Hot on Trumpfy's (forked?) tail?

Sure, wag that Dog, "Prez."
It "almost" always works.
Do you feel Lucky?


EmmaLiz -- likely because of @4's comment: "Liberal judges in King County have been sentencing illegals to under one year to avoid that. So enjoy."

Well-derailed, Socks Puppy.
You earned it today.


@6, @15, and wherever else: You clearly implied in your original comment that this is some kind of systemic issue (as @4 explicitly stated) and not a case of one judge's dumb ass ruling (which it is, by the way). There's no evidence for that in the article or anywhere else I'm aware of.


@37 Yes I saw that, but if he's making the claim that this particular judge is incentivized to go soft on immigrant, then he needs to develop that argument, not ramble on and on about whether or not this individual dickhead is an immigrant or not. He's arguing for a trend, not a specific right? So the immigration status of this individual is only evidence if he has a lot more to compare it to. Is there a problem in King County with this judge giving lighter sentences to immigrant rapists? And even if there is- choosing self deportation over rehabilitation- how does that excuse the fact that no protection was given to the victim, no oversight to make sure the dude really left, etc?


@39, You assume they actually care about appropriate punishment for rapists or protection / justice for rape victims. They only care about this case because the assailant is a foreigner who might be in the country illegally. For them his immigration status is the single most important feature of this story.


You could look it up.

Looks like if she voices a lack of consent that’s 3.


Thanks for the scarf, Amy.


I have serious doubts about the US version of all the recent events in the Strait of Hormuz. I think the US been just itching to go to war with Iran since the 1979 revolution that overthrew the Shah and the puppet government that the US put in place after WWII to protect US and UK oil interests there.

Frankly, I strongly oppose even one life being lost or ruined on either side over recent events in Hormuz. I can't believe I'm actually saying this (hating Trump as I do), but calling off the strikes is something I support.



The persian gulf is a puddle, only 90m at its deepest point, and the gulf of Oman is an ecological dead zone with oxygen levels too low to support animal life... so no, Iran is not going to be getting any Giant Squids.


Every part of my body touching clothing had raised skin after eating the seafood. Not sure if that qualifies as a hive.

Reeks of lng.

A pretty smell, really.


@45 As usual with these things, there were other versions of the story in plain sight on the internet within hours of the attacks. There's a video circulating of Saudis and MEK exiles talking about it, also speculation that the Saudis planted some of the bombs- best evidence for that is that many of them did not go off. Of course this would have to involve unofficial US scheming. Bolton and people in his camp want the war, so do some weapons contractors, neocons, the Saudi and Israeli lobbies and most of the media. Trump actually doesn't and neither does just about anyone else in the world. It's scary- it would be global.

I have no idea if those videos are legit. These things always leak within hours of the various attacks, but it's usually a while before the real stories get verified. Similar things happened with the food truck fire in Venezuela as well as all those reports about tanks driving into crowds, etc. Within an hour of the reports, there was video disputing the mainstream media's version of the events. In those cases, it was verified that the official US version of events was not true, but of course there was never any take backs so most Americans think it happened like that. Same with Benghazi, same with Colin Powel's WMD stuff, it's not new. Democracy dies in daylight and all that. But sorry to ramble- regarding the tanker attacks, I have no idea if they are legit or not. Obviously I'm reading subtitles. Who leaked it? Who subtitled it? How did it get distributed?

But yeah, it's surely a set up by someone- crisis escalation- and MEK seems the most likely culprit, probably with Israeli or Saudi (or US) help. That would be my guess. The fact that the nations to which the tankers belong don't believe the Iranians did it should give every American pause.