Meghan McCain Forgets Who Jay Inslee Is Three Months After Interviewing Him



Meghan, dear ignoramus; the first 30 require a habitable, vital earth.


By now, McCain is scared shirtless that the Republican electoral base finally realized the ghouls had been lying to them for 30 years about climate change so she'd rather put on a queen of denial. She likely also remembers perfectly well how stupid she sounded while facing Inslee on the topic of climate. Or may be she is a delusional moron, entirely possible.


I don't think you could find a better representative of the modern GOP than Meghan McCain. She's the whole lousy party all in one go.


Feed these people to starving polar bears, two birds!!!


She is still grieving from the death of her father and has been under a lot of stress lately.


it just makes me like jay more and more.


Who could forget Governor Milquetoast?


What’s Governor Carbon Panic polling at?


Call me when it breaks 1%


In the Real World Jay doesn't make any impression;
and his candidacy will not enhance his chances of getting on the cabinet.
Loser, thy face is Inslee...


The last three comments are from some temporary accounts. Slow clap for productive Saturday trolls...





@5 - You couldn't prove it by me. She sounds exactly as entitled and stupid now as the sounded when her father was hale and hearty. Stress? Pffft.


Meghan is a pure trailer trash hillbilly. If she didn't have a famous father, she'd have a hard time getting a manicurist gig. The View producers will figure it out eventually and get rid of her.

And, hey, look at all the shit the Republicans and their neo-nazi goons are perpetuating in Oregon. All this over a cap & trade climate plan the Dems are trying to pass. Scary times.


The people who dress her, do her makeup and hair must hate her.


@14: Maybe, maybe not.


As shown by the anti environment/climate policies of the Trump administration, It'd be a big mistake to believe that big oil and its climate change deniers will simply slinker away in the face of incontrovertible scientific evidence and public opinion:

How US climate deniers are working with far-right racists to hijack Brexit for Big Oil


The View is very formulaic. Part of that formula is to have an annoying blonde conservative who is there to whine and be a victim, for that is what it means to be a conservative these day. She serves that purpose very well.


I thought only bored housewives and homosexuals watched The View. Aren’t they Inslee’s base?


Don't you just love the smell of Incontrovertible! Scientific!! Evidence!!! in the morning?


In 1859, John Tyndall established the absorptive capacity of CO2 toward building the greenhouse effect.

In 2019, denier trolls spew gobbledygook on the internet



I mean, on the one hand, you've got ocean ph levels and meters of glacial retreat per year and parts per million of atmospheric samples... and on the other hand you've got a corkboard covered with with pictures of politicians, neo-nazis, and corporate board members, all with bits of red string running between them.

None of which proves a conspiracy isn't happening, of course, but one of your hands there has got scientific evidence in it, and the other obviously doesn't.


@21 Well, you are supposed to read the words too. Just looking at the pretty pictures never tells the story if you must be told. In "my" other hand, there is evidence that the individuals and organizations listed (Trump, Kochs, big oil, Libertarians think tanks), who are all well known players in the climate science denier camp and have been correspondingly pictured on many cork-boards over the last 30 years, appear to be again connected through another network of individuals, money, and propaganda in the UK and Europe (I doubt it stops there),


What the heck are we arguing, a Lincoln-Douglas format where EITHER climate change is real OR corporate climate denial lobbying is real, choose only one?



As the anonymous troll's signature said, that conspiracy you've described might be real, but the story you're telling about it sure as hell isn't any kind of science.


@24 First, global warming deniers financing networks involving the Kochtopus, big oil,the GOP, Libertarian think tanks, are not conspiracy theories, they are fact

Second, the story I pointed to documents the connections between Libertarian think tanks, the Trump administration, the Kock brothers, Big oil, the European far right. I fail to see how its basic observations don't contribute to our knowledge of how plutocrats use their money to influence politics.



You know, after mulling it over, I think the anonymous troll probably said it better-- you wouldn't know scientific evidence if it bit you in the ass.

Lovely story, yes. Very nice, colorful string. But science it's not.


@1 Call Me Scott and @6 Max Solomon: Agreed and seconded.
Go, Governor Jay Inslee, GO!


@26 Considering your relatively recent history of denying that climate change impacts extreme weather, I'd be weary of agreeing with the climate change denying troll too many time in a row and then, claim it amounts to "science"


@26 "Lovely story, yes. Very nice, colorful string. But science it's not."

has anybody claimed it was "science", fuckwit!


Good God, what idiocy. He is a fucking governor. You have to be a complete moron not to understand that governors routinely come out of nowhere and win the nomination, if not the election. Who the fuck is Jimmy Carter? Who the fuck is Bill Clinton? Average people asked those questions at this point in the campaign, but you don't expect people on TV -- people who actually talk to those candidates -- to show such ignorance. To then dismiss the candidacy is the height of arrogance. Holy shit, very few people expected Trump to win the nomination, let alone the presidency. That got all the experts to think twice about their assumptions -- you would think the amateurs would get a clue. Inslee (like the other governors) has a good chance of becoming president. Whether he will or not is anyone's guess.


Sit down, fan yourself, have a refreshing beverage...


Meghan was worried that her father's brain tumor might be genetic, like hemophilia, so she had her own brain removed prophylactically.


facts2supportURpoint dear, I know that being charmingly naive is part of your schtick, but it says a lot more about Meghan than it does about Inslee. The woman was born and raised in politics. She comes from inherited wealth, so she has no skills and lacks the intellectual capabilities to develop any. She knows exactly who Inslee is. She's just trying to dupe people like you. Lucky for her, that's easy to do.

and 31 dear, I suspect that Governor Inslee himself knows that he will never be president. He's running as an issue candidate, which is a time honored tradition. You really should try to not be so credulous.


@32 originalcinner: I nominate you for the WIN. Well done.


Can we be honest here? Politics aside, Inslee is rather forgettable.