GOP Twitter Joke About Armed Militia Incenses People Who Don't Get It



I didn't think it was a good joke, but maybe that's because I didn't know the story behind it. Actually, I didn't even know it was a joke at first... I had no idea what the hell it meant at all.

Now that I know the story, I still don't think it's funny.


Because death threats are a crack up!


Hey, I live in Eugene, and while the tweet may have been a joke, the situation is not. Several Republican Senators have boycotted the capital to deprive the body of a quorum, and when the Governor said she would send out state troopers to bring them in (they are sworn to serve) one replied that they'd better come armed and the Three Percenters announced they were coming to town, armed, to protect their favored Senators. This is flat-out scary if you live in a democracy.

Which we used to. Now? Who knows? But you claiming this is some SNL episode doesn't help.


The gop fled the state to avoid a vote and one of them put a call out for the “heavily armed” to defend them and then the statehouse was closed due to credible threats of violence but anyway yeah lol at this bad tweet you guys

Way to completely miss the story for the twitter ratio because media matters not getting a bad “joke” is clearly the important detail here

Some links to this crazy story in case anyone wants to know wtf is happening irl and not katie’s fucking twitter feed


maybe they didn't think it was funny because a state senator said if the dems send police to come get them to "Send bachelors and come heavily armed" you dunce

it's almost like the threat of militia-aligned counter-majoritarian tactics bodes extremely fucking bad for our future, and we shouldn't make light of it

but i understand, this isn't as big of a threat of like say 5 students shutting down some wet brained grifter at a liberal arts college


Seriously how do you write a blog post about this story and not actually describe what is happening or even link to a news source?? If i read this post I would just think someone at media matters made a bad tweet.


JFC Katie, you know what "didn't land"? This blog post. Please read ALL the links provided by the people in the comments above, who unlike you aren't paid to write for a living, and send them a fruit basket for doing your god damn job for you.


This is not one of those times where you can really blame self-righteous liberals for "not getting the joke." If you make a joke about killing a bunch of people and no one knows you're joking...time to look in a mirror.


Way to offer context Katie. Angling for a Fox News desk job?


Liars like the GOP don't get the right to make jokes, especially when they're running Kids Koncentration Kamps.


Nope, still not the most hated on slog. Keep trying though, your getting closer


If only everyone was as smart as Katie, we could be in exactly the same position and let Katie complain from a new angle.

TERF and devil's advocate is a bad look.


This all amounts to just noise that can be disregarded.


I'm still trying to understand the "joke". Are loggers "heavily armed" because they have big muscles? Or is it because they're fat and therefore their arms are heavy? Or is it irony because they weren't carrying firearms like others were threatening to do?

Explain it to us, Katie.

Like most GOP "humor", it isn't funny. "Russia, if you're listening, find the 30,000 emails". Just a joke!


Just want to echo everyone saying that this take is wildly ignorant and dumb as shit. Anyone around at slog who can write something halfway intelligent about this story, which is actually really important and disturbing?


katie pisses her pants every time a handful of 19 year olds protests some right wing freak, and then she turns around and writes the dumbest bullshit like this

leave for quillette already christ



Charles? I think she may have overtaken him recently. I guess Dan's got a claim, but probably only if you factor in all of the evangelical nutjobs.


@19: Supporting Herzog?

She's not running for office, either like you her posts or not.


@21: Awful? Tucker Carlson talked Donald Trump out of striking Iran.


Which is notable, 22, because it's the first time in memory that Carlson hasn't been egging Drumpf on to new lows.


Your article is bad and you should feel bad.

Jesus fucking Christ. I get that being provocative is your shtick, but usually there's at least an intelligent argument behind it, even if I don't agree with you. But this time you're just completely missing the point.


Chicken shit Republican Senators fleeing the state rather than doing their jobs?! Sounds about right. They truly do represent their cowardly constituentcy.


Maybe you guys should show them how seriously you’re taking this by, once again, sending the participants of a militia’s flare up.... ..... dildos??


That defused the past situation. Surely it will help here.


That joke is funny much the same way the ol' "stop punching yourself" gag is funny.


Tonedeaf, tonedumb, toneblind.


@12 Granny Smith - I thought you were hating on @11 Will In Seattle, and I thought the hatred was a bit much. I USED to be annoyed with Will several times a week, but then I got older and stopped caring.


The Republican strategy of decamping for parts unknown in order to deny the majority a quorum seems to have worked well for them.
And then the time-tested tactic of summoning your labor goons to kvetch about protecting 'jobs', now where have we seen that before?
Works every time.


Honestly, Katie, you can do better than this. What next--are you going to start donning a bad orange toupee like Trumpty Dumpty and its top SLOG troll, muffy?
@8 Lissa: Agreed and seconded.
@10 JMS for the WIN. Either that or Katie's after Kelly Conaway's job.
@14, @20, & @22: Are your triglycerides running off the charts again, sugarlips? Don't mistake BigMacs for food.
@28 spunkbutter and @30 kallipugos; I know, right? What a pathetic top photo of a typical female Trump supporter: an old bat with a fly swatter smiling vacantly as she loses her Medicare and Social Security. Yessiree, folks, she's "proud to take one for the team".
Further proof that Trumpists don't need brains. The GOP is all for the Dumbing of AmeriKKKa.


I can't tell if Katie Herzog is an alt-right troll or just an ignorant moron. Here's some context, dumbass:

If I was the editor of the Stranger I'd fire you for journalistic malpractice. This shit is not funny. The Oregon GOP is insane and has declared themselves allies with armed militias who are itching to start a war against Democrats and liberals.


You can disregard this pitiful nuance-phobic ruminating Katie.


Any joke you have to explain isn't a joke. Any joke you have to explain with an nonsensical, defensive, and poorly-reasoned blog post really isn't a joke. Jokes about armed insurrection and threatening politicians, when armed insurrectionists and even a state senator are threatening gun battles in support of what is really not something for which anyone should be willing to die--a vote on a bill that is a foregone conclusion and won't be stopped by this ridiculous walkout. This is the hill you choose to die on? If something isn't funny (how lacking in humor do you have to be to think this is a rib-splitter?) then it's not a joke. This is a pattern--the GOP says something offensive and inappropriate and then says it was a joke. Since the only ones who seem to think this is a joke are you and the OR GOP, then it's really, really not a joke. Not funny. No joke.


Well done, Katie! You've raised the average blood pressure of the slog sewer dwellers by about 50 points and sent them scurrying for their phones to make an extra therapy appointment this week.


I've never done it, but I'm guessing it's pretty hard to churn out good slog day after day. Katie normally does an excellent job poking the progressive barista (whom she mostly agrees with). Give her a break


Jesus, Katie. I am usually with you but you seriously missed the context with this one. The GOP state senator from Dallas, Or tweeted that if they send state police after him they better send bachelors. Threats of violence against cops is not a joke, and not what the Oregon GOP used to be about. And this walkout comes a month after a promise not to pull this shit again, for which they got a gun measure and vaccine bill shelved by the super majority. They are intentionally breaking the state’s political system, and threatening violence should they be challenged. This isn’t a joke down here.


herzog SUCKS


that one reaction gif people use when you just read something stupid, you know the one


@4 -- from one of your articles, Blip [thanks!]: "But on Twitter, Oregon’s Republican party criticized state Democrats for cancelling Saturday sessions over the militias’ planned protests, tweeting,'Oregon senate Democrats canceled their weekend session citing a fear that Republican voters may show up.'"

They forgot to mention the Death Threats.*
Probably just an oversight
but not funny ha-ha.

*EVERYone's okay with a little far right wing terrorism, right?
At least they're White.


P.S. I'm not nearly as incensed as I oughtta be.
Should I seek professional Help?.


Nah, Kris. We must conserve our incense. Keep on keeping on to 2020.


THNX, DEx. Dittos and will do.


@31: Correction: "...further proof that Trumpists don't HAVE brains." The GOP is hellbent on ensuring that average Americas don't use what they've got.
Make America Think Again!
@41: Keep on rocking the house, Kris!


Will do!
Gracias, Gee!