Futuristic Soap Opera Years and Years Tackles the Anxieties of Today



The trans comment in years an years is meant to be a term that has expanded in definition in the future there is another character in the show that is trans as we use the term in present day.

it would also be good to know that the pivotal character is the asylum seeking gay character Viktor (played by Maxim Baldry). His journey affects this family and much of the story.
Hopefully I haven't given too much away
It was a good watch, Emma Thompson creates a great vile Politician.


I don't know how it went in the show, but it's a big world, I'm sure there are people who identify as all or part 'inanimate' object. Some people's sexual/romantic orientation is toward inanimate objects (http://objectum-sexuality.org), not the same as identity obviously, but I don't see why that wouldn't work too.


The transhuman character becomes deliberately less clashing as the series goes on (and personal technology progresses); by the end, their trans identity is as unremarked & unidentified as the other child that B notes.

Thompson's character has plenty of Farage and Johnson as well as Trump, while not being a direct analogue to any; by the second half she's playing a few Trump notes amongst a detailed Boris riff.


Oh and: the series is highly recommended. It's Queer As Folk creator Davies using the future setting to work closer to the ostentatiously stylised Casanova / Who end of his range than the close-in realism of Cucumber or A Very British Scandal, but maintaining the tight personal character focus of his best work.


Missed it. Watching Legion instead. Trippy.