Ummmmm, saying "fuck the police" is pretty much a textbook definition of an "act(s) of aggression or abuse towards any group(s) of people".

You will notice I'm not commenting on the validity or not of saying that, just pointing out a logical inconsistency in the festival's position.


Get woke.
Police are not "people."
They are, each and every one of them, subhuman, and as such, are not persons.


Isn't pissing people off part of the whole point of saying "fuck the police"? Is when I do it.

There's a social line though between pissing someone off and following someone around the internet to doxx them.


"Then he said only uneducated people or wannabe bad boys say 'fuck the police,' which seemed like dog-whistle racism to me,"

uh... what? people need to get the fuck off Twitter


Was this supposed to be in support of Chloe? Because dang, it all started with her nonsense.

Perfect example of the cycle of violence. She struck, he struck, and nobody behaved well.


This is the dumbest thing I've read about all week. Insufferable ass people.


...the irony of their name checking NWA in an argument about misogyny is not lost.


They both should apologize. Yet somehow the one who expressed some regret has been booted from the event, while the one who hasn’t apologized for any of it—and started it, even!—is the victim here.


They both could use some lessons in basic civility.


Oh, and Wypipo should stop calling other Wypipo racist. Kettle calling kettle black!


It is true that only uneducated people and wannabe bad boys need to yell "fuck the police."

The loudest people are always the dumbest, and always the weakest. That guy who pulls into the gas station blasting shitty music at everyone? He is doing that because he is weak and dumb. The guy who yells at you at Planned Parenthood? He is doing that because he is weak and dumb.

Same reason a chihuahua never stops barking. So you don't notice how weak and insecure it actually is.


The police are not racist murderers although some police officers are not fit for duty.

Questioning what she said isn't dog whistle racism it is a basic disagreement. He sees a police officer and sees his cousin. She sees a police officer and sees a symbol of authority which she doesn't trust.


8 I laughed at that too


I have never heard of either of them before, but she sounds like an absolutely horrible person. Instigates on his post, attaches completely unfounded labels to him, then cries and plays the victim when he blows back. What a weak and pathetic human. Not saying what he did was right, but he sure comes out looking like the better of two evils from this article.


I'd have to agree with most of the comments here that based on the facts as outline in this article, it seems that she went looking to start a fight online and got one. And then they both behaved badly. I wonder if Cascadia will have to still pay him some of his fee for cancelling?


Politics, etc. aside this kind of shit is why I hate Seattle. So much self-righteousness all of which is ultimately hollow.

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