To Fight Patriarchy, Molly Moon's Founder Will Tell You How Much She Makes



What do you know?!! I also made $326,000 plus tips. What are the odds?!! Wage transparency is fun!


92k last year, but a good 40 of that went to back/taxes(I didn’t know I was a business :[[[),

I also took like two months off.

Going S-Corp from the next estimated tax period on.

Ice cream Illuminati.

K going to camp with the grizzly bears now good weekend.


Wow. Jeff Bezos was paid only $89,000 last year. Seems she’s a greedy one.


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I love how people get attention just by saying it's the patriarchy. As if the prohibition of talking pay openly came about only once women entered the workplace.

I honestly stopped counting. I'm probably going to wind up around $150k this year.


@5 so then you are all super woke on "kyriarchy"? Pleased to meet you.


Why isn't she using some of her own salary to raise wages higher? Who NEEDS $326,000 a year anyway? At that wage, a full time worker with 2,000 hours per year is not even making $40,000. Who can afford a two bedroom apartment for themselves in downtown Seattle on that?

There is no reason she should make more than someone actually doing the work scooping ice cream or running the register. How is she any better than an evil landlord making money from just owning property?

Can't smash patriarchy without smashing capitalism. You first!


Katie did you post this because Vice covered someone local or to make fun of someone trying to do something good as an employer? Cuz wage transparency is objectively a good thing, and playing "Ha Ha let's laugh at the feminist" is kind of beside the point.


@6 I wasn't knowledgeable of the term, but looking it up, it's a better framework for discussion that doesn't inherently put people on the defensive for circumstances they can't control.


There’s no pressure on Neitzel’s employees to smile and nod because Neitzel is oppressed due to her birth gender.

The cameras and a right-to-work state(Which I don’t know how not to be for - I mean she’s suing because she lost her job at the gas station? What?) did not at all alter anyone’s agreeability, or lack thereof.

I’m sure they are all, in actuality, quite happy to have their spot on the totem pole laid bare for all to see.

Toward the end of my working retail and food, I let the little people be in charge and made more than they did.

I liked that arrangement.

Toward the beginning of my working retail and food, I turned down all offers of managerial positions and was compensated for doing everything instead.

I liked that arrangement. The girls did too.

Sitting around the fire at a boat-in site, stoned and drunk, concocting something between Sharknado and The Birds, but with bears.