A beer at Holy Mountains taproom in Interbay.
A beer at Holy Mountain's taproom in Interbay. Lester Black

The ingredient list for Holy Mountain Brewing’s latest beer looks a lot like a menu you might find at JuneBaby, the highly-awarded Southern food restaurant in Ravenna. It’s made out of ancient grains like einkorn, millet, black rice, and smoked red corn. It was aged in barrels used for the most southern of all spirits: Kentucky Bourbon and Tennessee Whiskey.

Inosculation, the name of this new beer, looks a lot like a JuneBaby product because... it kind of is. Holy Mountain teamed up with Edouardo Jordan, the award-winning chef behind JuneBaby and Salare, over a year ago to make this 13.5 percent imperial stout. They're releasing the beer at Holy Mountain at noon tomorrow. JuneBaby will also be on site tomorrow morning giving complimentary food to anyone who buys bottles.

Holy Mountain is known around the world for their barrel-aged stouts, with beers like Midnight Still imperial stout getting traded by beer geeks around the country. Jordan’s JuneBaby has quickly become one of the most awarded restaurants in Seattle; the James Beard Foundation named JuneBaby the best new restaurant in America and Jordan the best chef in the Northwest in 2018. Time Magazine said JuneBaby was one of the 100 greatest places to eat in the world during the same year.

Jordan and his team have been one of the more active craft beer supporters in the local fine dining scene. While some of Seattle’s best restaurants won’t put a local beer in their refrigerators, Jordan frequently partners with standout local breweries. Jordan’s other restaurant, Salare, recently had a beer pairing dinner with Floodland Brewing. Jordan’s other venture, Lucinda Grain Bar, frequently showcases local beers. They currently have beer from Holy Mountain and two beers from Matchless Brewing, including hazy kveik IPA.

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When Holy Mountain first announced this collaboration beer a year ago, they pointed out in an Instagram post Jordan’s respect for beer: “[Jordan and his restaurants] have been huge supporters of us since day one, and are true game changers in this city. We can’t wait to taste this beer and to see what the future holds for their awesome crew.”

If you have time to wait in line midday on a Friday, then you might get a chance to taste what they’ve been up to.