Slog AM: Boeing Plans to Fix Its Planes by September, Supreme Court to Hear DACA Case, Marianne Williamson Is a Hoot and I Love Her



Yeah, Go USA!!
Really digging this team and looking forward to the cultural force that would be Megan Rapinoe if we win it all.
USWNST does spawn some outsized personalities, that's for sure.
Gonna be tough, though, England looked scary-good yesterday.


The latest issue with the 737 MAX once again involves MCAS. Personally, I would prefer to not fly on a plane that's ability to compensate for its poor design relies on software that could be running on Windows 2000 for all we know.


Nathalie really does aggregate the best (and worst, and weirdest) news stories. I love her. That penguin/Marianne Williamson combo was stellar.


Fun fact: Marianne Williamson would be a better president than a sociopathic rapist..



Seriously, if I ever have the misfortune to be booked on one of those and find out the Captain's name is "Bob", Imma just cause a ruckus until they let me deplane.


"... Avatar, a truly mediocre [and yet, somehow, the HIGHEST GROSSING OF ALL TIME] movie."

Roundabouts: faster than stoplights, terrifying for those unclear on the actual Rules of the Road, and made slower/less convenient by those unwilling* to indicate their leaving of said traffic circle.



The only way Biuden could have avoided working with racist segregationists when he was elected in 1972 would have been to have run as a Republican.

As his instincts had already told him;
During 1968, Biden clerked for six months at a Wilmington law firm headed by prominent local Republican William Prickett and, as he later said, "thought of myself as a Republican".He disliked the racist racial politics of incumbent Democratic Governor of Delaware Charles L. Terry and supported a more liberal Republican, Russell W. Peterson, who defeated Terry in 1968.

Sadly, Joe ran for the Senate as a Democrat in 1972 and joined racist segregationists Democrats Herman Talmadge, Richard Russell, John Sparkman, James Eastland, John C. Stennis, KKK Robert Byrd, to name just a few. Google them.
In 1972 the Democrat Party was a racist segregationist organization, as it had been since it's founding.


DeepNude did not bother European women at all.
Straight up, they say "Wanna inspect the merchandise? Here, have a look!"


School busing has all but disappeared, a failed social experiment that did nothing to improve educational outcomes.

But I'd dare Harris to run on bringing it back.


My favorite part of the debate is when the moderators would not let Harris just butt in on something, so Harris just said that they had to because she was black. Maddow then realized she had no hope against the race card with the audience present, and immediately gave her thirty seconds, to which she replied with a sarcastic and entitled "thanks" as if she was not just given exactly what she just demanded.

This was when Harris was allowed to yell at Biden for three minutes straight without any interruption from the moderators. It was spicy as hell. Great TV.

Also Yang is clearly the only candidate with a real vision for the future, and you should vote for him.



@13 But the Old Democrat party is proof that big government doesn't cure racism. Just look as Scandinavian countries as they lurch towards anti immigrant rightwing parties (ie Danish People's Party) that still want to maintain the massive welfare state.


@12 Did you see that NBC cut off Yang's mic?


@15 No doubt, the "some of my best friends are black" defense. Works every time!


@16: Yeah, I saw he was making that accusation, and with all the technical difficulties in both debate broadcasts, it would not surprise me if his mic was malfunctioning.

Also, you can tell who NBC wants to boost based on who they give the spotlight too, and that is definitely not Yang.


@15, Which is why Sanders, while not anti-immigrant, doesn't favor open borders. Castro, on the other hand, favors decriminalizing illegal immigration, which would be a disastrous position to take if he were the Presidential candidate. He would get killed in the swing states, and possible lose a blue state or two.



Just because Lincoln (unwillingly and under tremendous political pressure) signed the Emancipation Proclamation, don't think for a second the GOP of his day was wholly in favor of equality for Blacks. If they, and the "Great Emancipator" himself, had had their way, they would have seen to it that every person of African heritage - slave, ex-slave or freeborn - were shipped off to another country (look up "Lincoln and colonization"), resulting in the United States becoming essentially a whites-only homeland.


“Coded language”

Looking forward to our future state when nobody speaks to each other for fear of using language that someone else thinks is “coded”. Of course, then the outrage police will come up with some other bullshit like “coded body language” or “coded looks” or “you coded-ignored me”.

And why are we wasting time on these Democrats debates? Any Democrat on the ballot will get my vote over idiot Trump.


Republicans - Democrats are the party of confederate slaveholders.

Also Republicans - Robert E. Lee and other confederate generals were great Americans that deserve statues.



Or white people could just take a long, hard look at themselves, the language they use, and the effects it has on people of color. Then they could stop using that coded language.

Much less dramatic than your scenario, but far more effective.


Lol you have to wonder if Dems feel like trying to personally destroy Joe Fain was worth the headache they have with Das now. This is the candidate who said that NOT featuring her face on an attack ad was racist.


Please stop talking about Marianne Williamson. We don’t need to hear another peep about this anti-vaccine wingnut. All that Botox has gone straight to her brain.


‘Climate apartheid’: UN expert says human rights may not survive

“Climate change threatens to undo the last 50 years of progress in development, global health, and poverty reduction,” Alston said. Developing countries will bear an estimated 75% of the costs of the climate crisis, the report said, despite the poorest half of the world’s population causing just 10% of carbon dioxide emissions.

“Yet democracy and the rule of law, as well as a wide range of civil and political rights are every bit at risk,” Alston’s report said. “The risk of community discontent, of growing inequality, and of even greater levels of deprivation among some groups, will likely stimulate nationalist, xenophobic, racist and other responses. Maintaining a balanced approach to civil and political rights will be extremely complex.”

The impacts of the climate crisis could increase divisions, Alston said. “We risk a ‘climate apartheid’ scenario where the wealthy pay to escape overheating, hunger, and conflict while the rest of the world is left to suffer,”


“Get rid of them. Fake news is a great term, isn't it? You don’t have this problem in Russia, but we do.”

That fatass so effectively co-opted and rebranded himself in this "great term"s aura will never cease to baffle and annoy me. I'm from a little redneck hellhole in western Pennsylvania and facebook friends with a bunch of my ignorant high school classmates. Back before pizzagate broke I remember seeing a bunch of them sharing batshit news items (Obama secretly plotted 9/11 w/ Bin Laden, Clintons photographed at kkk rally, things of that nature.)

At the time, it didn't really even occur to me what the stories were or how/why they were being generated. It also somehow didn't occur to point out to those sharing them just how ludicrous they were on their face. It was mostly just super odd. A few months later, pizzagate happened and mainstream news outlets were decrying such stories (accurately and objectively!) as "fake news" and citing the very real destructive potential they had.

Then fatass gets a hold of the term, uses it relentlessly to describe whatever it is he doesn't like and his gullible, dim-witted base eat it up, essentially stripping it of it's objective meaning and the very real world destructive potential for legitimate fake news items.

NPR's reveal did a great story on the actual origins of pizzagate that's well worth a listen.


I would be fascinated to see a study of the personality and social beliefs of pro-roundabout and anti-roundabout people who are otherwise matched in demographics.

I am betting anti-roundaboutism shows correlation with discomfort with new experiences generally, and discomfort with people and things who are different. #notallantiroundaboutists of course.

I bet they also hate parallel parking, but that's a well-known urban/exurban shibboleth.


@28 yeah, raising the term sure seems to have hurt more than it helped, but then what can you do when too many people just believe whatever turns them on? Or tell themselves they're certain of nothing so they can freely "not saying, just saying" on what pleasures them. (Talking to you too, some Stranger writers.)

I always felt the totally fake stuff was less the problem than the skewed news, editorial talkers hammering the same cherrypicked three seconds over and over. Maybe we should have just ignored and pitied the fake shit.


Marianne is hilarious and something new. I've thought that if neither Warren nor Bernie get the nom, then I'll vote for her both as a lark and because I think she's better than the rest. But she's also an anti-vaxxer so I'll probably just not vote in that situation. (I mean in the primary).

It was beautiful to see Kamala take Biden down, and since then, the letter he wrote to Eastman calling his legislation "anti busing" has surfaced and is circulating. Could it be the end of his campaign? I don't know if we could be so lucky?

@9 Yes anyone in Congress back then had to work with racists and segregationists. Anyone in Congress now has to do so to a certain extent as well. In fact, anyone working in the US has to. That does not mean he has to praise them now, tell nostalgic stories about how they considered him a son, and more importantly, take a stance that was bad at the time even when there were other people in his own party being more courageous. His track record on women's reproductive rights is even worse. It's long since been time for him to be finished.

@19 I think Castro has a more detailed and better immigration plan, but he also doesn't favor open borders. There's no one at that level calling for that. As far as I can tell (and maybe I've missed something) none of them are even calling for the abolition of ICE.

@21 because those of us who give a shit about the future of the world care about the differences between what a Biden presidency would look like vs a Warren/Bernie presidency vs whoever else. The fact that everything is better than Trump is irrelevant- this is not the general.

@30 Agreed. I think the totally fake stuff is a problem too, but definitely the main issue concerning our "free press" is that the media mostly controls the Overton Window. It's the same problem everywhere- you can watch Al Jazeera or RT and find the same thing. Most of the facts all of these mainstream outlets report are usually true, but what matters is what they choose to report and what they choose not to, how they frame the narratives, what perspective they editorialize, etc. Also I'd say this is a problem all the way down to the bottom of who gets hired and who gets filtered out, etc. Plus I think the American mainstream media obsession wth pretending that they are nonbiased or unideological- it's a cover, trying to make their pro-corporate pro-military ideology appear to be some default of the universe rather than its own biased ideology. I prefer indie media that is honest about its ideological perspective.


@28 Spreading disinformation and conspiracy theories (fake news) to influence elections is standard right wing dirty tactics and has been so for a long time whether or not Russia is behind Pizzagate. From Fox to birther theories to invoking non-existent "voter fraud" to the proverbial anonymous flyers making allegations to O'keefe's Project Veritas examples abound of very similar attempts to confuse, sow doubt and lie. Trump is co-opting the term to frame rightwing reality about the "liberal media" in which he is somehow not the master of fake news himself. It is especially aggravating that Democrats have largely let him get away with it because not doing so would demand being critical of corporate media's coverage of issues.

@27 "climate change is a pretty sweet deal for the developed world"

a little early to start drinking, may be


@33- We're all going to be doing the time together. Seattle may be on high ground relative to Miami or the South Pacific Islands that are drowning first, but we're not going to be happily standing by watching others get screwed.


Boeing's problems (which include unchecked greed at the top leading to stupid and dangerous decisions) include a misplaced and unfounded faith in technology to solve all problems in flight (even those created by a flawed plan design).

By now we should all have realized that technology often brings more problems than it solves; they're just new, different ones that technology creates.

But no, technology is the new, powerful American religion in which too many of us have placed our blind faith and trust after total brainwashing by the tech sector (which is also motivated by unchecked greed).

God help us when self-driving vehicles hit the roads. It's not hard to imagine hackers with no conscience or moral compass crashing them just for fun.

Honestly, I don't think climate change is going to hasten our extinction. I think our over-dependence on technology will.


@36, ever watched Black Mirror?


@5 - it doesn't make you naked, but it adds a big fat wallet to your picture and puts you in a Ferrari.