Wow. Barnett seems to have a major problem with personal accountability, based on this article and her past

"I did not do so because I consider Bagshaw, whom I have covered for many years on other subjects, a reliable source, and still do." - This should be a major red flag for any journalist. There's that saying "If they say their mother loves them, check that fact". That she'd give blanket credence to anyone - especially a professional politician - really speaks towards exceptionally poor personal and professional judgement.


Jeez, ECB playing the victim card. Shocking. (Not shocking.)

Do your job correctly, ECB, and you wouldn't have been sued.


This got as far as it did without anyone—the councilperson, a journalist, an editor, or a lawyer asking to hear the alleged radio segment in question? Jesus, people.


Um... I had a radio show on KIRO that was cancelled after a change in management. Full spot load, decent ratings in its slot, no advance warning. Who should I blame, Katie? The Church of Latter Day Saints, which owns KIRO through Bonneville International? Why don’t you write an expose about that?

Also, I was promised primary fill-in for Dave Ross and Ron Reagan after my show was cancelled, but that stopped after a couple months. A KIRO insider told me it was because Dori Monson complained to management and demanded I not be put on the air. What do you think? Should I sue Dori? You gonna write me an expose?

Or maybe... and stick with me here... RADIO SHOWS GET CANCELED! Just about all of them, eventually. Think it just might be that?

(NOTE: please don’t bother to respond to my questions, or this comment, because fuck if I’m wasting my time to check back in on this thread.)


Sure Goldy, and the highly respected Atlantic Magazine first corrected then pulled Barnett's piece from their website because of the Crank's quality journalism.

Poof, it's gone.

As are her chances of ever writing for such a high profile magazine again.


“Some people think [the lawsuit] might be the reason," Don said on the podcast.

You would think a hatchet piece about a journalist who did a poor job of fact-checking would be better sourced than this


I didn’t like anybody in this story. They all seemed obnoxious and arrogant in one way or another and deserved to cross paths.


“In retrospect, although this was an anecdote (and not, as many seem to think, the subject of the story), I should have asked Ron and Don to verify or deny Bagshaw’s account. I did not do so because I consider Bagshaw, whom I have covered for many years on other subjects, a reliable source, and still do.”

This is like a reporter covering the deadly Sound Transit train crash and just taking Sound Transit's word on the cause.


Just a minor correction/clarification: The proposed arena was not intended to "lure the Sonics back" as the piece states. The relocated Sonics are staying put in OKC. Seattle will get another NBA team only via another team's relocation, or (more likely) league expansion.


@8 or like a reporter taking a radio host’s word on why his show was canceled, for another example


@8: deadly ST crash? you mean Amtrak?


@10, not really, she is simply quoting them.

"And while KIRO Radio declined to comment on the cause of the cancellation (or anything else), Ron and Don speculate on their new podcast that their firing may have been connected to a lawsuit they’d filed against a member of the Seattle City Council."

"Whatever the reason for their cancellation, the lawsuits are now settled."


as an occasional R&D listener, i read this article to learn why their show was cancelled so abruptly. i did not learn the reason. a lot about naught.

goldy's probably closest to the reason. they irritated management. or dori monson, the most toxic force in seattle's civics.


@11, yes but no.
"In its final hearing on May 21, 2019, the NTSB investigators placed blame on Sound Transit for its failure to mitigate the curve and stated that the train engineer had inadequate training on the new line and equipment to handle the situation."
Seattle Times, May 21, 2019.


As usual, Erica takes no responsibility and portrays herself as the victim. She could have easily checked to verify whether Ron and Don did what she said (I'm guessing the show is archived online somewhere) and should also have contacted them to give them a chance to respond before printing such a serious accusation against them. But she didn't bother doing any of that. Instead, she deflects by saying that readers missed the point of the story and complains that she was damaged by the lawsuit. She has absolutely no journalistic credibility. This, Erica, is why people don't respect you. It has nothing to do with you being a woman with strong opinions. It's about your lack of ethics and professional integrity, your willingness to omit or distort facts to drive whatever ideologically based narrative you're peddling.


@12, so did ecb, but as it happens the person she quoted was not the right person to give that information, which is ironic because that is exactly how this piece was sourced


@16, Nevertheless, Katie at least tried to contact all parties involved with little or no response. Nor did she make any conclusions of their release by the radio station with the information she had.
"Whatever the reason for their cancellation, the lawsuits are now settled."


My takeaway from this article: confirms my belief that politics is not much different from religion. Facts are secondary - faith in 'your side' is paramount. Logic is an afterthought. Many people in this article failed to confirm the facts of what they were told, preferring to stick to their 'faith'.


@18 spread this gospel!


@20 Now she has a Patreon account and can never write for The Atlantic again.


One could only hope that journalists might have learned something from disaster that Sabrina Eardley faced.


Sometimes kids a lawsuit isn't the best way to settle something like this. They only got $35k from the city for legal fees. That's "go away" money from the city. If the suit had legs they could be on the hook for tens of thousands. My guess would be the jock's attorney thought it best to settle and cut the losses otherwise the settlement would have been more or they would have went to court. A bad strategy cost them their jobs.


Just as Goldy said, sometimes radio shows just get cancelled. And... sometimes sportsball teams move. They just do.

In either case, the dudes or corporations who own all that shit get to decide. You can wank about whether or not some guy who is not you made a good or bad decision about what do with HIS STUFF. But... is it unjust? Is it a crime? Should you demand action from your elected officials?

No. Sportsball teams are owned by whomever owns them. It's THEIR team. Don't call it your team. Or "our" team. It's really not. Really. Really really really.

Not. Your. Team.

You could have a team, if you want one. If you want to say, "our team" and have it not be delusional idiocy, we can have our own -- for real -- team. The way we do that is the same way we get anything that we can call -- for real -- ours: we fucking buy it.

Seattle wants a basketball team? Seattle -- not some rich guy who doesn't owe Seattle doodly squat! -- Seattle should buy themselves a basketball team. Tax yourselves, argue why that money is best spent on the new Sonics and not childhood vaccinations or parks or whatever, appropriate the money, make an offer, close the deal, and -- at last! -- own your team. For real.

Then you can yell at your elected officials about whether our for real team should get a new arena or new uniforms or should fire the coach or whatever the fuck you drunk sportsball fans are all playing the victim card about this week.

Speaking of victim cards, ECB has nothing on men who love "their" fucking team. Nobody is a bigger victim than some stupid fucker who watches a team owned by some rich asshole play a kid's game and somehow that stupid fucker thinks somebody -- the players, the owner, God, the government for some reason -- fucking owes his stupid fucking ass something because... because why? Because the stupid fucker likes to watch the rich asshole's team play.

It's worth stopping to think about this. "I like watching that employee of that rich fucker throw that ball. Therefore, the world OWES ME shit!" How fucking mental is that? I'll take ECB (who is indispensable though not 100% perfect) any day over fucking sports fans. Worthless shits. You all should sell your house and move to follow "your" team to bumfuck or wherever they play now. Bye.

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