Bless you, NYC. Seattle, please be next.


Every place should fund abortions. The world would be a better place.


Democrats are horrible people.


I'm all for preventing the poor from breeding.


To make it really effective, throw in a free xBox or Playstation with every abortion. Much cheaper than welfare.


I agree with what Our Dear Fed-abortions said. Why not incentivize it? It could all be funded through my birth tax on the wealthy - since inherited wealth comes at a heavy societal cost, we should be doing everything we can to discourage it, including incentivizing abortions among the wealthy, and make them pay through the nose if they go through with it.


David dear, I know that complex concepts are difficult for conservatives, but abortion is not murder. You're being played, but you type always gets played. Don't you ever get tired of being a patsy?


@6 Thanks! Glad you agree. The shitty breeding habits of poor people, pumping out babies out of wedlock, with various daddies, must be fixed. At any price. Xbox and free rims for every abortion.


...think about the costs of a lifetime of wasted education spending, welfare, jails etc etc vs. an xBox or rims.

Deal of the Century.


Y’all are icky.


Exactly, 11! Abort early and abort often! After all, There’d be no president trump if every child was a wanted child.


@13: Mary and Fred did want Donald.


Until men can get pregnant, abortion will be essential for women to be competitive on the job market. It’s impossible to have an egalitarian workforce when half the population is forced to give birth when they’re not ready for it.


Raindrop dear, I didn't say there wouldn't be a donald trump. I said there wouldn't be a president trump. After all, his "base" is composed of half-wits and sociopaths who are only here because their parents didn't have access to birth control. That's why we have so many stupid people: Mama didn't want to be a mama.


@3 oldwhitedoofus: No, RepuliKKKans are the horrible people. Don't get the two mixed up.
@7 & @10 Doofus in Shoreline: I sincerely hope you're sterile. Take off that silly MAGA cap before you lose any more brain tissue. State funded abortions, done safely and legally SAVE taxpayers billion$ in medical costs and childcare. Clueless pro-birthers and woefully ignorant MAGA rubes are only fueling the fire of the U.S being trillions of $$$$ in D-E-B-T. Don't be fooled by the Rapist-in-Chief and its henchmen.
@14: Yep--both were into creating monsters at the public's expense, sugarlips. I can't help but imagine how utopian a world we would have had Fred Trump had a vasectomy and MaryAnne McCleod Trump had an abortion--or, better yet, both were irretrievably sterile.
@15 blip: Ain't that the truth! If men ever experienced pregnancy, there would be abortion clinics open 24/7 on every street corner, outnumbering the gas stations and churches.
@2, @6, @8, @13, and @16 Catalina Vel-DuRay: Keep on rocking the house!


Man, this post is a wonderful litmus test. You can "spot the republican", and you can also probably "spot the male", or at least the male trolls.

But where the federal government fails, the state and local governments should step forward and fill the gaps.

Thank you to Rep Jayapal, and all the rest of you #ShoutYourAbortion women. I think it is a singularly effective strategy to destigmatize, to show raw numbers, and put a face on the statistics. Like when gays started coming out of the closet en masse, and straights suddenly realized they knew lots of gay people after all. In this case, this can show every male out there the range of women, and the range of the reasons many women they know make that choice, how important the existence of that option is... But most importantly: giving them someone they know who has made that choice.


@10: “I get tired of people getting pregnant when they don't want a child.“

So, let’s hear your plan for prevention of all rapes.

We’re listening...


@16: Okay. I did a suspicion that cartoonish take on the matter was what you were getting to, but wasn't sure.


@19's answer: Right on! Do people who aren't socializing in our world understand how many women are raped in all 50 states using 'roofies', the "date rape" drugs? In my day, you could decide to go out dancing and walk away from your table to dance secure in the knowledge that your purse and drink would be fine sitting there with a friend. But now? Not so much...your friend could look aside for a couple minutes, and your drink is laced by someone who wants to get with you for....rape. I was part of any early underground group started in the early '90's in Seattle to assist poor women to get an abortion. The last client to stay at my home (2015) was a tiny Somali sophomore at a Seattle high school who'd simply gone with some 'friends' to a home after school for 'fun'. After a soft drink she woke up 2 hours later...after a rape. And the second victimization - unwanted pregnancy. Fortunately, some Seattle institutions such as NARAL Pro-Choice Washington and Planned Parenthood have always stood up for the poor and disenfranchised women.


Raindrop dear, I am completely serious: Unwanted children lead to bad, or at least disenfranchised, citizens. Better to just make it easy to terminate the unwanted pregnancies - especially as automation becomes more prevalent.


@13 - They may have wanted a child, but they cannot possibly have wanted Donald as we see him today.

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