Who do we have to sacrifice to save these dudes?
Who do we have to sacrifice to save these dudes? Sergio Amiti

The Southern Resident orcas are back: They disappeared a few months ago but have returned. Members of all three pods, J, K and L, were spotted near Vancouver Island last week. The pods disappeared over a month ago.

We’re going to need a bigger boat, Seattle Rep presents Bruce.
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How's traffic out there?: It was a breeze this morning. I think everyone has left town. I should have taken the day off, too.

Too bad every Friday can't be this way from r/SeattleWA

Trump continues to be a big volatile baby over citizenship question: This morning, Trump told reporters he's thinking of issuing an executive order to force a citizenship question onto the 2020 census. This counters what the Commerce department announced four days ago, which was that they were beginning to print the census without the question. Now there's a court case moving forward to determine if the citizenship question was motivated by racial bias. The ACLU is also attempting to get a federal court in New York to block the Trump administration from delaying the printing of the census.

In Oregon, Gov. Kate Brown says she'll use executive power, too: If the Oregon Legislature cannot make an agreement after Republicans helped kill a cap-and-trade bill by fleeing the state. "Make no mistake, doing nothing to reduce emissions is not an option," she said.

Artist captures the essence of Melania Trump's soul: This life-size statue carved of the First Lady outside her hometown of Sevnica, Slovenia is a new low for art—which is an achievement of sorts. Locals have been quoted saying the statue seems like a "good idea." See it below.

Former Boeing physicist speaks out against the company's culture: “Boeing’s experience with cost-cutting business culture is apparent," writes Stan Sorscher, a senior member of the union representing Boeing's engineers in an op-ed piece for the Seattle Times. This is believed to be the first time since the Max 737 was grounded that a senior official in Boeing's engineer union has spoken out against the company. Sorscher was then interviewed by KUOW, where he told Carolyn Adolph that identifying problems is seen by Boeing management as making trouble.

Drop Dead Gorgeous is now streaming on Hulu: In case you're not deep in Stranger Things. I second this recommendation:

Three quakes strike off the coast of British Columbia: Every time there's an earthquake anywhere on the West Coast people freak out that its a harbinger of the Big One. Of course, the Big One could strike at any moment and isn't connected to fault lines in Southern California. That said, three quakes ranging from 4.6 magnitude to 5.6 magnitude hit off British Columbia last night. There were no reports that anyone felt anything.

Just turn me into a robot already: I need this.

Bernie Sanders says he's working with AOC on the healthcare agenda "America needs": Joe "Just a Sniff" Biden took swipes at Bernie Sanders on CNN, saying he has a healthcare plan that is "rational" and costs less. Sanders swiped back this morning on Twitter:

Fireworks are suspected to be the cause of a Seattle suburb house fire that killed a man and dog: Another dog is still missing. The fire occurred in the Burien/Highline area after witnesses say they heard a firework explode near the home. Sparks potentially ignited moss on the home's roof.

More heat: Anchorage, Alaska burned its previous heat record by a whole five degrees when it reached 90 degrees for the first time in state history yesterday. The previous record was 85 degrees, recorded on June 14, 1969. “Breaking an all-time record by this much is pretty unheard of in the climate community,” said NBC News meterologist Bill Karins.

We're throwing a contest: Have you seen Seattle's city flag? It's heinous and cummy. Come up with a redesign and send it our way. We're giving away over $200 worth of prizes to the winner.

Some disaster porn to end the week: What's worse, the Big One striking or Donald Trump winning reelection? xoxoxoxo See you Monday