Slog PM: Trump Wants to "Make America White Again" (Says Pelosi), Mayor Durkan Wants Megan Rapinoe to "Skip the White House" and Party in Seattle



Trump and the repubs aren't trying to make America white again. It never stopped. Turn on the tv or just look out your front door and you'll see white privilege everywhere. They just want to keep it that way.


@2 Urgutha Forka: Thank you for beating me to it. Well said and seconded. What we need is to Make America Think Again: How is Trumpism helping our household finances? Constitutional rights?
Go, Senator Elizabeth Warren and Governor Jay Inslee, GO!!


What wine pairs with white guilt?


Which pharmaceutical painkiller pairs with white supremacy?


It'd be Rude NOT to have a Celebration for Rapinoe
Because of her (oh, and the Team), winner of
BOTH the GoldenBoot AND the Golden Ball,
WE are the Champions of the fucking World
And Seattle oughtta fucking Reflect that.
Pretty sure I can make it
[and I know she wants to meet me! hell, ALL of Us!!!]
so let's party like it's Trumpfy's Demise!!!*

@4 -- that'd be White whine.
Or is that with White privilege?
Hard to keep this shit straight.

"Still, there are a lot of people running in the Democratic presidential primary."
I watched the vid and, man -- Bernie kicked Ass.

OMG -- that Flag is The BOMB!!!
I want one for my home.



"guess who’s back in seattle"

Let's get a look at his Giant Balls
I hear they're on par with Bezos'.


"The Epstein sexual abuse case is pulling many powerful people into its orbit."

This one's pretty Big:

If Trumpfy gets away with this, we're no longer a Republican Democracy.

Make ready the Concentration Camps for all trades union members, homosexuals, off-Whites, Elitists/Leftists. Oh, and there will be ONE Media Corp for America -- Murdoch/Trumpf Corps.

Thanks, Republicans.


Nancy doesn’t get to say anything negative about Trump until she starts the impeachment proceedings.


@8: I think you mean 'democratic republic', not 'republican democracy'.


Does Jeffrey Epstein's child rape island have a great mini golf course or something? Because otherwise I have no idea why noble, upstanding men like Bill Clinton and Kevin Spacey would go there so often.


LEAVE THE STUPID FLAG THE WAY IT IS!!!! sometimes something is so bad that it's actually Good!


Why the hell does a city need a flag anyway? It's not like our troops are going to carry it as they march on Spokane.


Oh, now you've gone and done it. Thanks a lot, comrade. Loose lips drop spliffs.


The '12' cannot be any larger than the symbol of the People's labor.