Slog PM: Three Stabbed in Downtown Seattle, Hellhole Opens Up in the Sky, Trump Can't Block Me on Twitter



One of the graduates of Pete Holmes school of criminal leniency randomly stabbing people outside Nordstrom. At least he picked shoppers socialists hate too.


The Mayor says Seattle is safe.


@2 using the words “safe” and “Seattle” together makes you a hate group/nazi according to unemployed barista and ex-rapper Spekulant.



Do you think it's not? As an east coast native, I hope to freaking hell you never ever visit that part of the world, as I gotta figure you'd just shrivel up and drown in a puddle of your own snowflake based tears.


Perhaps someone more motivated than myself can find more comprehensive relative rankings, but Seattle doesn't make this list of the 25 most dangerous cities in America, ranking behind Wichita, Anchorage and Albuquerque, among others.

Republicans are fuckin' pussies.


(I'd be fine w/ @5's being deleted and I should also strive to be better than that. Not that it's untrue, but probably unnecessarily inflammatory. My bed.)


Streaming is better than cable. We've finally gotten to the point where we can subscribe to just the channels we want without paying for access to a bunch of crappy sports we'll never watch. The trick, of course, is not to subscribe to any crappy streaming services. Limit yourself to one or two, binge watch the shows, switch every couple months. If you do it right you can watch most of your shows during the trial period.


@7 Yeah, that's just way too much work.

I used to be a Star Trek fan. Do I have the slightest interest in subscribing to CBS All Access just to get Discovery? Nope, I'd rather do without.

Likewise for all the other streaming services launching now.

I'll keep Amazon Prime because (a) I have a lot of things shipped to me and (b) I get it for half price as a student.

I have Netflix as part of a deal from my cable company. Not sure if I'll keep it after the promotion is over.

Beyond that, I'm good. TV sucks anyways. It's a time sink. Gets in the way of doing other things.



Bad, not bed.


Vision Caca!
Isn't that the Trump 2020 slogan?


@5 Hey, Seattle cops hardly kill any people who aren’t threatening them with knives or guns.

Democrats are pussies.


Tired of the "Seattle is not as dangerous as this other place" So, that makes it okay? Sorry the place you moved from/ are from, is such a dangerous shithole. We folks from here expect a little better than you, apparently.



Of course we do, but by what other metric are you gonna measure it? Are you striving for pure and altruistic civility with a 0% crime rate? Fuck yeah, me too! But that hasn't happened in the entire earthly history of human civilization and isn't going to happen anytime soon. So it's both instructive and logical to compare it on a relative basis, and by that measure Seattle is actually quite safe. As the Mayor stated.


If a court decides that a Twitter account is a designated public forum, wouldn't that make it illegal for Twitter to ban people or offer options to block any tweet from reaching any person? Whose accounts are public forums, and what are the standards? is it any "public" person?

In past cases, the courts have ruled that if something is indeed a designated public forum, or the only available option for speech, it must abide by 1st amendment protections.

You can trust that no one, Twitter included, wants Twitter to be considered a public forum. You think it is full of abuse now? Just wait until you can't block any tweet or person from your feed.

However, SCOTUS has also ruled that government speech does not necessarily create a public forum for speech. The 2nd circuit's ruling seems extremely weak to me here, based on pretty clear precedent.


@11: yet we leftist pussies walk through the most dangerous parts of seattle every day, past homeless encampments, ranting schizophrenics, junkies looking to score, milling street vagrants, and we do it without firearms. just like 1,000 of tourists do.

the victims didn't die. the crazy fuck is off the street. mayors are supposed to reassure the city after an incident like this. it's boilerplate.


@16: And so now is the time for rigorous law enforcement so that it doesn't get worse. That's boilerplate too.


@16 My wife doesn't feel comfortable since she was assaulted by a homeless man outside her office downtown in 2016.

Must be nice being male.


Trump not being able to block means that Ocazio Corrrrrrrrrtez can't either. She already has two lawsuits against her. Interestingly enough these same fucktards who are against Trump blocking don't bat an eye when Cortez blocks. Funny how leftist double standards work. Lol



The simplest solution would be for politicians issuing official policy to stop doing it from twitter alone.

Donny should be issuing policy from an official site, like, oh I don't know... how about the White House press? But nope, baby Donny only wants to do it from his fucking twitter account and therefore his betters aren't going to let him block people who will be affected by his inane policies from hearing about his inane policies.

Honestly though, I'm fine with it regardless of whether he issues policy through twitter or not. Donny is nothing but a make-believe baby troll that his followers only love because he "owns the libs." Well then so be it. That's what "The Greatest Country on Earth" has become... a troll fight. Let him be bombarded by as much trolling bullshit as he dishes out. I'm glad his twitter account is full of people insulting him. Our nation is led by a toilet because our nation IS a toilet.


Not sure why anyone cares about blocking when you don’t even need a twitter profile to read someone’s tweets. If he blocks you, just log out.

What concerns me is that the president has the time to read the comments and the energy to care. Doesn’t he have more important things to do?


@13 Nah, you are just a small town that has become a big city, and as such you've seen the increase in crime/violence that goes along with that. Statistically, there is less in Seattle than most cities. I don't have any idea why. I agree that taking it seriously is important, but seems stupid to get hysterical about it and pretend you are in some really dangerous place when that is absolutely not the case.

@19 I don't know. Is she blocking her constituents? Can Trump block people who live in other countries? It's an interesting ruling and is likely to have far-reaching consequences. What does it have to do with leftists and what makes you think it's hypocritical? The plaintiffs in the case are brought in by the Knight First Amendment group- I don't know what their political leanings are, but they've been involved in actions against several politicians on social media and seem to pretty equally defend the official social media accounts as a public forum / town hall type space. I don't know if they are likewise behind the lawsuits against AOC- but it seems really weird for you to just assume that this is some left v right thing. What's happening is that a previously undefined (legally) space is becoming defined. As the kinks are worked out, politicians will have to comply. I just think it's funny the way so many conservatives have decided this "free speech" issue is their own when it's groups like this one and the ACLU that is actually fighting first amendment battles in the courts. When the right says "free speech" they are usually referring to wanting PRIVATE individuals to stop yelling at them which has nothing at all to do with free speech. I think it's a lack of understanding of private v public? I dunno.

@15 Good questions. I think it has more to do with the user. An elected official is a public figure and they use the forum to make public statements. I don't think that would have any effect at all on private people. Where it's likely to get murky is when elected officials likewise have personal accounts. Like, if Trump had another account to post pics of his cat and what he cooked for dinner, could he block people? Should be able to by the logic of the ruling, but then how do you determine what's private/public? And who polices this and what consequences are there, etc?


@17: sorry to hear that. I hope she's doing ok. my wife works downtown, too, and she does not feel unsafe.

"safe" doesn't mean zero risk. I guess durkan should have said "pretty safe", or "relatively safe", but then you'd complain about that too, because that's what you do: find fault.

what precisely is your standard of safety? what city measures up?


nuh uh uh, Mr. Blob! Pussies push out 10 pound babies. Pussies are STRONG. Republicans are limp-dick assholes. FTFY.


Three murders and a triple stabbing in Seattle in five days. Of course, Seattle is safer than many big American cities--but it's got safety issues, and no one should look at a person with Morisette's record and sorta, kinda express concern, vaguely shrug, and move on, blaming "the right" for going hyper about crime in Seattle. Yes, we have safety issues, and questions--the tough, politically incorrect questions--need to be asked about length of sentencing; the relationship between substance abuse, homelessness, and violence; the denigration of personal responsibility as some kind of rightist, old-school individualist value that our woke superiors need no longer emphasize; and endless insistence that funding is the primary issue and that selfish, greedy capitalists and NIMBY's should just give, give, give because Jenny, Kshama, Lorena, Mike, and Teresa know what's best for us. Many lost young people, especially men, are a fingersnap from committing acts of violence--in Seattle. Sure, the causes are complex, and demagogues always try to exploit public safety issues for political gain. But those safety issues are vividly real. I see it on the streets every day where I live, and many others do, too. There are no easy answers, right--or left.


“Statistically, there is less [crime] in Seattle than most cities. I don't have any idea why.”

Good question! Why does Seattle have less crime than Chicago, Baltimore, St Louis, DC, Philly etc etc.



“what city measures up?”

Tokyo and Seoul for starters. Then again in those countries police and prosecutors can actually arrest and prosecute criminals. Their judicial systems don’t fuck around.


@19 When I was 14, I was assaulted walking home from school by a neighbor! Most women and children are assaulted by people they know, not random homeless/poor people on the street. What is your solution for keeping us safe then?


@19 The difference is AOC is blocking people who threaten to rape and kill her and her family. We know that the people Trump block are not threatening to rape and kill him! Otherwise they'd be picked up and sent to jail within an hour and we'd ALL hear about it in the news, and people like you would be screaming for them to be locked up for life!