Hey! Its Dude York!
Hey! It's Dude York! Courtesy of Hardly Art/Eleanor Petry
God you smell that? Hot gravel, weed, and sunshine (one of my favorite smells): summer's here, kids. And today, on this weirdly warm and muggy day, Seattle's very own Dude York (America's band) dropped "Should've," the third and final single off their upcoming album, Falling which will be released on July 26 via Hardly Art. In the band's own words, the track is about "who you were, who you are, and everything in between." Fair enough.

"When I’m all alone sometimes I’ll think about it like I miss how it was/but that’s just nostalgia obsessed with the details and missing the point," sings Claire England, who also plays bass in the band. Peter Richards' guitar comes sliding through over Andrew Hall's noisy drums, searing enough to both confirm and shatter any summertime sadness you may be feeling.

I realize that for some reason Dude York and summer is like wired together in my brain, but I can't un-fuse them! Nor do I want to. Summer—its warmth, its spontaneity, its bloom—is an ideal state to be in and tell me something that's better than blasting music out your window on a summer day. Also "should've" is my second favorite contraction, behind "couldn't've" which is a fucking gnarly word to see written out.

In addition to announcing the single, the band also dropped their fall tour dates, half of which also features LA-based band Bleached. Dude York will be playing an in store show at West Seattle's Easy Street Records on the 26, the day their record drops. I bet this song gets really loud live! And exciting!

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07.26.19 - Seattle, WA - Easy Street Records ^
09.07.19 - Minneapolis, MN - 7th St Entry
09.08.19 - Chicago, IL - Beat Kitchen
09.11.19 - Columbus, OH - Big Bar Room
09.12.19 - Detroit, MI - Deluxx Fluxx
09.13.19 - Cleveland, OH - Symposium
09.14.19 - Pittsburgh, PA - Mr. Roboto Project
09.15.19 - Toronto, ON - Baby G
09.17.19 - Boston, MA - ONCE Ballroom
09.18.19 - Burlington, VT - Club Metronome
09.20.19 - New York, NY - Mercury Lounge
09.21.19 - Philadelphia, PA - Everybody Hits
09.22.19 - Washington, DC - Comet Ping Pong
09.24.19 - Chapel Hill, NC - Local 506
09.26.19 - Nashville, TN - The Basement
10.01.19 - Kansas City, MO - Riot Room *
10.03.19 - Denver, CO - Globe Hall *
10.04.19 - Salt Lake City, UT - State Room *
10.05.19 - Boise, ID - The Olympic *
10.07.19 - Seattle, WA - The Crocodile *
10.08.19 - Vancouver, BC - The Biltmore Cabaret *
10.09.19 - Portland, OR - Star Theater *
10.11.19 - Oakland, CA - The New Parish *
10.12.19 - Los Angeles, CA - Lodge Room *
^ - free, all-ages in-store
* - w/ Bleached

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