A Step-By-Step Analysis of Sound Transit's New Stairs



Sound Transit couldn’t organize a fuck in a brothel.

So let’s give them billion$ more!


If you use that station with any regularity you'll be walking up those stairs soon enough (as in, the next time their lousy low-bid escalators crap out).

Is there a public transit agency more clueless than ST? No stairs? No restrooms ANYFUCKINGWHERE on the line between SeaTac and Husky Stadium? Orca cards that cost $5 that don't even include any actual credit toward travel? STUPID STUPID STUPID.

PS - I have used mass transit in London, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, NYC, DC, Boston, Chicago, Memphis, SF, LA/OC, and PDX, so I am an a reasonably well-informed consumer of the product.


I hereby present the correct solution, originally proposed 7 years ago. You are welcome.



The yellow thing is a bumper.


That was fun! (for me!)
my heart was in my throat when you looked back
at civilization but it was good you scoped out the ceiling
(that's where most of them hide).
You carry (a) mace?
If not arrival/departure times,
they could at least put up fake cameras.

@3 -- yes and a Firepole for the adventurous
and a wet sponge for the truly daring

Why not vacuum tubes for the elderly and infirm?
Just suck 'em up topside, give 'em a moment, and Bob's your uncle.


On the subject of calves, you can build your calves up but you can't undo the damage to your knees from going down. As someone with big calves and sometimes-shaky knees I wish there were more down escalators.

@2 what are you on about? UW station was completed under-budget and ahead of schedule. It's easy to grouse about the design but they did exactly what they said they did at the price they said they would.


If we actually cared about getting people out of cars. Actually cared about climate change. We would have built the fastest route between downtown and Seatac airport that would have removed the most cars.
But the taxi cab and Seatac parking lot lobby weren't having any of that, and decided to hire a PR campaign to convince stupid Seattle that "developing the Southend" was the only thing a white guilty liberal could do in this situation. So we built a slow meandering route through Mt. Baker at-grade that literally hits cars and people, patted ourselves on the back and furrowed our eyebrows when we found out 50% of the Central District's African American residents have disappeared in the past 5 years.
Enjoy that 1/4 walk through the open air parking garage in the rain to the terminal if you have the time to take Light Rail to the airport instead of an Uber, you paid for it.


@7 hey at least the Uber/Lyft pickup situation at SeaTac is also a horrible confusing unpleasant mess for no particular reason beyond taxi protectionism.



Voters were promised in 1996 that this was a 10-year plan that included both the Husky Stadium station (actual opening date 2016) and the U-District Station (projected opening date 2021). That's 10 and 15 years late respectively, in case you don't do maths.

Dumbass fucking newbies, I tell ya...


Last week I watched a woman pee on the top of the stairs at one of the entrances to the Pioneer Square link station. As the pee ran down the stairs, I stepped carefully to avoid it as I navigated the stairs. Stairs are great, I love them. At least the Husky station has no pee waterfall on its stairs, yet. This backward town needs public restrooms ASAP. You know, actual facilities not porta-potties for the street-trash to shoot up.