Does Trumps Twitter ruling also apply to the squad?
Does Trump's Twitter ruling also apply to "the squad"? Getty Images

AOC sued following Trump Twitter drama: Here we go. As we talked about on Blabbermouth today, a federal court reaffirmed a May 2018 decision that Trump cannot block his critics on Twitter because the "interactive space" of his tweets constitutes a public square and is protected by the Constitution. Today, U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez faces two federal lawsuits for blocking users on Twitter. Based on this week's decision regarding Trump's tweets, it would seem the "interactive space" of AOC's tweets also constitutes a public square. But, unlike Trump, her constituency does not include the entire country. Is AOC constitutionally beholden to random YouTubers who are outside of her district in New York?

We’re going to need a bigger boat, Seattle Rep presents Bruce.
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Ever wonder who runs Trump's Twitter account with him?: It's this guy.

What a speech: I want whatever she's having.

Big Tech made their endorsements in Seattle's upcoming City Council races: The Washington Technology Industry Association (WTIA) announced their endorsements today. It's the first time in history that the group has made endorsements, and they pretty much mirror the endorsements made by the Civic Alliance for a Sound Economy (CASE), the political action committee run by the Seattle Chamber of Commerce and funded by Amazon and other big businesses. The only difference is that WTIA didn't also endorse Jim Pugel in D7. WTIA represents over 1,000 tech companies in the state, according to GeekWire, including Amazon, Microsoft, and Expedia. Here are their endorsements:

Seattle City Council Position 1: Phil Tavel

Seattle City Council Position 2: Mark Solomon

Seattle City Council Position 3: Egan Orion

Seattle City Council Position 4: Alex Pedersen

Seattle City Council Position 5: Councilmember Debora Juarez

Seattle City Council Position 6: Heidi Wills & Jay Fathi

Seattle City Council Position 7: Michael George

This isn't how you get donuts: Looks like someone learned to drive on Simpsons: Road Rage.

More measles in King County: Seattle & King County is investigating two new confirmed measles cases, the County announced today. From the press release: "One case had exposures at the Auburn Community Center in Auburn and the second new case, an infant, was not in any public location during the infectious period."

The only architecture accolades this city (almost) wins are for parking structures: Seattle's "Sinking Ship" parking garage in Pioneer Square has been voted one of the "coolest parking spot in the United States." It did not, however, win. It came in 4th. Good job, I guess?

Update on yesterday's stabbings: The suspect has been identified as 29-year-old Christopher Morisette, reports MyNorthwest. Morisette has an "extensive criminal history," with at least 22 arrests since graduating high school in 2008. MyNorthwest reports that prosecutors have previously noted he "has been homeless, with no friends or family, and no job in King County." (UPDATE 8:17 PM: His mother spoke to the Seattle Times and says he's been through “the mental-health revolving door.") He has spent time at Washington State Hospital, the state's biggest psychiatric hospital. One of the victims, a 79-year-old man stabbed in the back, is still listed as in "serious condition."

Watch this man explode at a bagel shop: "Oh my god, I just wanted bagels!" is a rallying cry.

Boeing will crash our economy: Or at least American Airlines, maybe. American Airlines reported today that the grounding of its Boeing 737 Max jets led to $185 million of lost income this past quarter. The grounding caused 7,800 canceled flights for American Airlines, they report. The news comes a day after it was revealed that Boeing's second-quarter jet deliveries sunk 54% compared to the previous year's deliveries.

Acosta speaks for the first time since Epstein's arrest: This afternoon, Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta addressed calls that he should resign after critics have accused him of giving financier Jeffrey Epstein a "sweetheart" plea deal when he was prosecuting him for sex crimes a decade ago. Acosta said that he did the best he could do. "These cases are complex, especially when they involve children," Acosta told reporters. "I know in 2019, looking back at 2008, things look different," Acosta continued. "Today's world treats victims very, very differently." #AcostaMustGo is trending on Twitter.

Giant cactus reclaims road: Don't you hate it when that happens?

A big position reversal from Mitch McConnell's opponent: Earlier today, Democratic Senate candidate Amy McGrath told a reporter that she likely would have voted to confirm Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh. She said she found Christine Blasey Ford's claims that Kavanaugh raped her to be “credible” but “given the amount of time that lapsed in between and from a judicial standpoint, I don't think it would really disqualify him.” This afternoon, she tweeted this:

Microsoft is opening their first store in Europe: I'm surprised they didn't already have one??? It's opening in London tomorrow, July 11. It'll be one of the company's largest stores, more than 21,000 square feet.

Amazon Game Studios is developing a new Lord of the Rings massively multiplayer online (MMO) game: It's expected to be a free-to-play game for PC and consoles. The game had been previously announced by Amazon's partner, Leyou, but Amazon was not announced as being a part of the project until today.

A good point: Lick assault rifles! It's for the children!