OMG, some Donught lover parked in a Mighty-Oh?
Those cops look a little trigger-happy to me.
Never get betwixt the two...

Locking up the ice cream insted of tamper-proof lids?
Who decides this shit?

Loved Homer tooling around town
mowing down the peds.

Didn't Oregone base their driving simulators on that game?

Oh. And Rapineo ROCKS.


It’s not that hard, AOC and Trump, just “mute”. Or better yet, don’t use Twitter. The country will survive without tweets from AOC, Trump and, oh, every single living person.


Maybe someone should lick Trump, and then he could get locked up in a glass cabinet!
Wait! Someone already has! It only cost $130,000!


Well, one black girl. Woke Lite.


fellateasemiauto challenge kids, go

Jeez, if the Stranger weren't terminally feeble in comment maintenance they wouldn't keep letting dude@5 create the troll account parade.


@6 What is it about facts being spoken that frightens you? Does your religion require we not mention certain truths?


Oh goodie - a new Bad Lip Reading - Trump in Asia:


Saguaro, a menace to the west, by Austin Lounge Lizards (they're coming to get you)



When are you going to show any sign of having read the many explanations people have given you of the large differences between a scrimmage and a match, and the reasons that elite women's teams routinely scrimmage with (not play against) professional men's development-program squads?

When are you going to start telling us about numbers of goals scored in recent scrimmages, instead of repeatedly bleating about that 2017 "result" that Dallas FC has removed from its web-site?


"Is AOC constitutionally beholden to random YouTubers who are outside of her district in New York?". Awww cute. The lefties are trying to quietly mew about how it's unfair. Yeah, we know. The left always applies a double standard. "Rules for thee, but not for me". Too bad. You real what you sow. Now the OcNazio-Corrrrrrrrrtez has to abide by the rules. :)


Anybody who thinks Twitter isn't public domain is brain dead. And that includes Trump and Ocasio-Cortez.


Wait for it . . . . American Airlines will sue Boeing.

And why the hell is Dennis Muilenburg still President, Chairman, and CEO?



"You shouldn't be allowed to ban your constituents" is a single standard, not a double standard.

Personally, I say let public officials use official public outlets, and keep 'em off the for-profit networks while they're in office. We've already got press releases and press conferences and government web-sites, elected officials aren't exactly lacking a platform.

Let Cortez and Trump's respective fan-clubs do whatever they like with the communiques their idols (or enemies) post via government channels, but let's not have private companies profiting off of exclusive publishing arrangements with our government representatives.



That would make all of Twitter's shareholders brain-dead.

Which they may well be, mind you, but if someone like Facebook or Apple started up a service that fed you content scraped from Twitter, you'd quickly learn what Twitter's attorneys think of the notion that twitter-tweets are public domain.


I loves me some Megan Rapinoe but that was cringe-worthy.
Her 15 minutes are up.


You stated that the stabbing suspect “has no family”... yet his mom was quoted in the Times. Like the first paragraph.

Great reporting, Stranger.


Ugh, I feel bad for the bagel guy. He was pretty obviously a terrible fucking person living a miserable fucking life. And if he had a chance at any sort of self-redemption, it's now essentially flushed.


AOC is a sitting member of Congress. The legislation she writes and votes for, or against, is not limited to her district, it is federal. National. So I’d say the “public square” she tweets in is dictated by the scope of her legislative power (national), and not limited to her voting constituency. File this under: “What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.”


Tiny Bagel Store Man is hilarious, but really has no one but himself to blame. Sure he is short, and that is a horrible start and he can do nothing about that. But he also is dressed sloppily in ill-fitting clothes, clearly has no idea how to control his emotions, and is quite fat.

Needs to spend less time in bagel shops and more time lifting heavy weights and fostering discipline.


I am so happy to be proud of Megan!!! It’s been a long dry spell with that m*f dump truck in ‘so called office’ to be happy about anything.

Thank you Megan....I love you!!!


@10 As if he doesn't know all that.

You needn't worry that people will read a post like #5 and think "golly, maybe this while feminism thing was a mistake after all!".


Regarding AOC blocking people on Twitter. Trump blocks everyone who criticizes him. People who threaten him on Twitter get a visit by the Secret Service. AOC does not block anyone for expressing a contrary opinion. She does block people who threaten her or tell her she deserves to be raped for not being a Trumpie.


It's absolutely revolting that Trump violates every single term of service Twitter has with his vile and repugnant tweets and never gets taken off the platform, that the users threatening AOC with rape and other misogynist violence can't be blocked (forget blocking, again, TWITTER SHOULD REMOVE THEM BASED ON THEIR OWN TERMS OF SERVICE), and that everyone thinks AOC and Trump are the same with regard to how they use the platform and ha ha ha LOL look at how the (insert racist misogynist shit spewed by the haters against AOC) has been slapped like a little girl. Donnie Don is the resident of the WH. Every single tweet he has ever tweeted will be put into the historical record for all to read until the end of time. Do I think all Twitter users should be held to the same standards, ABSOLUTELY. We all know full well that they are not and Twitter obstinately refuses to remove the most toxic violators of their terms of service, Donnie Don being among the worst offenders. Please spare me the self-righteous bullshit about how the leftists are crying about how it isn't fair. The fucking resident of the White House has set this country on fire like it's a dumpster and anyone and everyone supporting him, cheering him on, enjoying what he is doing on any level, in any way, is just as much a worthless, hateful, piece of shit as he is.


London won't be part of the EU, so having a MSFT store there won't help you if you're an EU consumer.


@25/@26. Oh really? And the reporters who make all kinds of shit about Trump and fine folks like Antifa who threaten violence and death on Twitter against Trump don't classify as harassment. Riiiiight. Like I said, the left follows the "Rules for thee, but not for me" model. Where were you where your Ilk was doxxing conservatives? Nowhere? Then shut the fuck up, hypocrites.

Buck up, snowflakes, and reap what you sow. Also pretty funny how AOC pats herself on the back for being "strong and brave and strong....and also brave" but as soon as she is treated like every fucking politician on the internet (and everyone else for that matter) she runs off, cowering in the corner playing victim, because she is a "poor woman". Too bad! Rules apply to everyone. Suck it up, hypocrites, and you too OcNazio-Corrrrrtez. Lol


I think the bagel guy was just trying to get a viral video. He has several on his youtube according to the NY Post


"... as soon as she [AOC] is treated like every fucking politician
on the internet (and everyone else for that matter) she runs off."

Afraid of Death/Rape threats?
Like TeeHeeHeeOhToSixNINE says,
get fucking used to it.

Thnx, Republicans.


@16 You don't actually think Tweets are private?


I'm pretty sure lots of NRA members already spend quality time ("executive time"?) licking their assault rifles.



Oh, I get it now. You just don't know what the phrase "public domain" means when it's used as an adjective. Carry on.

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