Our representation in the 3rd is sadly lacking.


This dummy hasn't figured it out yet? Run as a republican and primary her. Just say a bunch of shit about "family" and "jobs". Doesn't really matter what your platform is in most districts. The districts are designed for a specific party. If you are a member of that party you win.


@2: and then cross over immediately after she's sworn in. Brilliant idea.


Not sure what to make of the illustration at the top of the article, though. Is long trying to put together a coalition of peaceniks and yacht owners? Running as a cross between Eugene McCarthy and Lovey Howell?


@4 - nothing wrong with trying to reach out to groups that have been ignored by mainstream politicians. Actually most of the sailors I know are pretty liberal.


"Another Democratic candidate in the race, mediator Peter Khalil, jumped in last April. He toes the same centrist Democratic line Long toes and lacks Long's level of support in the district. โ€œ

This statement is patently false! Please offer a retraction and correction as soon as you get is verified with Peter Khalilโ€™s campaign. The actual position of Peter's campaign is progressive and populist. It appears that the false dichotomy of centrism does not exist in the Khalil campaign.

I like to add. It is unfortunate that Carolyn Long has raise $150,000 during this kickoff event when her centrist stance does not support a Medicare for all system, ending regime change wars, specific action policy on our climate emergency, as well as detailed ideas to combat corruption nor revitalizing our economy in Washington state. Long is stumping with a 1990 style campaign leaning heavily on the use of platitudes, feel-good rhetoric, and a complete lack of substance. I would encourage anyone to go to each candidates website and focus on the specific area of policy or issues positions. In the case of the
Long campaign we can only find a priorities section that consists of redundant talking points and rhetoric with no firm ideas or plans to address the issues which are most important to Washington voters. Insider politics is a thing of the past. As the Long campaign tries to promote the tagline "People over Politics" it may be better suited to focus on "Good Policy for the People."


@5: I wasn't saying there WAS something wrong in expanding the base; my comment was mainly that there's nothing in the graphic that tracks with the article,

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