How Rapinoe's Return to the US, Pelosi's Scolding of Congressional Women of Color, and the History of Slave Owners Are Connected



Sword of Trust was a great film. Takes you for a bit of a trip.

That said, realize that the Netherlands are part of why slavery was created, to fill the cargo ships with goods on the return trip from there. Because as the similar attitudes of the Belgians (Belgian Congo, look it up, gruesome pictures, even worse in reality) show, they really didn't care.

So, in a way, if people actually think their opinions matter, that Democracy matters (not that we live in a democracy, or even an elitist Republic, we live in a despotic Monarchy with Robber Barons), then Rapinoe represents the holders of the Golden Sabot, or Golden Shoe, used to sabotage the fascist regime of the sclerotic ruling class.

Build the guillotines. We have nothing to lose but our Dahomie chains (which came from our sister city in France, by the way).


As an academic exercise, the premise of weaving discordioate events into narratives is putting the cart before the horse.


Charles' writing is getting more and more like some sort of tedious version of Mad Libs. I mean, you could generate a Mudede headline using this formula:

"How [insert reference to recent news event] is like [insert book or movie Charles recently discovered] and demonstrates [insert some reason that capitalism is bad]."


So Speaker Pelosi shouldn't treat the "gang of four" like any other Demo sub-group that is crossing a line because of their race?
So when DOES she get to discipline them? Are they always exempt from any remarks that may hurt their feelings?


The Blue Dogs were wiped out in the 2010 midterms. They don't have any leverage to speak of in the House anymore.

And Left Twitter has even less. Cortez, Tlaib, Omar, and Pressley understand a lot about how to type an inspiring 280 characters into a phone app, but as freshman legislators, they naturally know very little about how to make policy, and could benefit from a little humility while they learn the ropes.

Pelosi could be a lot more diplomatic about reminding them of this, but then that's never been her style-- she's an inside player, not a crowd-reader nor a rabble-rouser. It's little wonder Left Twitter hates her so much-- she's the exact opposite of a Social Media Activist.


Stockholm Syndrome runs deep in White America.

Time to Free the Womenfolk.


@2 Try as I might, I can't figure out where "discordioate" came from. Did you try to dig up an actual word and miss it by an unusually wide margin, or did you just kind of string suggestive syllables together until it felt more or less finished?


The moderates in the House Dem Caucus are the only reason Pelosi is speaker. They are the ones who won in districts that trump carried. They are the balance of power. AOC and the bullshit “squad” are waaaaay to the left of what the moderates who put the house Dems in power will tolerate. Pelosi is doing the smart thing and keeping her caucus and majority from derailing off the cliff of social justice. The second that she lets the far left call the shots her speakership goes away and she knows it. It’s surprising that “the squad” doesn’t seem to care. Power is about finding where you have leverage. AOC and squad don’t seem to realize they don’t have any leverage that matters. They get 1 vote like every other member of the house. What’s really irritating is the reason they are bent out of shape is the bill for border funding they wanted didn’t pass. THEIR BILL WAS VOTED ON IN THE SENATE AND FAILED. Watching this food fight is just making me realize that we are about to get 4 more years of trump. Fucking great work guys.


I'm glad to see woke progressives finally call out both Biden and Pelosi for their blatant racism, but how do they explain tolerating it for all these years, and elevating these racists to such lofty positions of power???


For Americans with ancestors here back before 1900, what percentage of us have slave owner lineage? 80%? I'll bet you black Americans are more likely to be the descendants of slave owners than whites, and that's only going back 300 years.

Lastly, what does what active did 160 years ago say about any political candidate today?


For tonights improv workshop pick three random topics from current events, one political, one sports and one film review and weave them into a predetermined narrative...


@7 The reason the "left Twitter" as you put it don't like Pelosi is that she doesn't represent their values. Representatives are elected to serve the will of the constituency that put them there and not to serve the Speaker of the House. Regardless of any experience AOC resonates with many, many more people than Pelosi. The focus needs to be on getting those people out to vote and not alienate them. The Democrats have done a poor job in building the future and are left with outdated thinking and strategy from the last era. Pelosi would do well to recognize that one of the reasons Trump won was because of the "right Twitter". Pelosi is out of touch with modern culture.