Shake, rattle, and roll, baby!
Shake, rattle, and roll, baby! PETROVICH9/GETTY IMAGES

While you were sleeping: A 4.6 earthquake hit. The epicenter was in Three Lakes in Snohomish County. It was relatively small with no damage reported. An aftershock registered at a 3.5 magnitude in Monroe a few minutes after. All of this was before 3 a.m. I was out like a light. Also, I blame my boyfriend, Harry, for this (and so should you!) because he said last night, "We'll never have a natural disaster in Seattle." Harry! You jinxed us.

Acosta is out: Labor Secretary Alex Acosta is stepping down over his history with Jeffrey Epstein, the hedge-fund investor who has recently been charged for sex trafficking, more than a decade ago. Acosta, as a US Attorney for southern Florida, allowed Epstein to escape similar charges with a plea deal. President Donald Trump, who said this was Acosta's decision, said that Acosta has become a distraction. Pat Pizzella—yeah, that's a real person and not the answer to "quick, name an Italian-sounding name!"—will take over.

Meanwhile, Ridgecrest, California, gets another quake: The epicenter of the 6.4 and 7.1 quakes last week got rattled again this morning. The whole West Coast is going to shake off the continent one of these days. I will buy an earthquake kit, I promise!

King County employees weren't trained about new ICE policy: In 2018, King County passed a law that forbade officials from sharing residents' private information with Immigrations and Customs Enforcement unless there was a warrant. It sounded great on paper—the Department of Licensing wouldn't cough up license files, the jail wouldn't have a database of prisoners ICE could access, and the Sheriff's Office wouldn't send ICE information when they said pretty please. Buttttt... employees didn't receive any training about any of those rule changes. So ICE got its information pretty easily.

No use crying over spilled cement: You hate to see it.

Free vaccination program for homeless expands in Seattle: King County will put $375,000 toward expanding its free hepatitis A vaccination program in order to prevent an outbreak of the contagious disease.

Sea-Tac opens eight new gates after terminal expansion: The first part of the two-year North Satellite expansion was unveiled Thursday. It includes eight new gates, but the real spectacle is the 15,800-square-foot Alaskan Airlines Lounge. It's swanky with new plush chairs, specially trained baristas, and craft beer. Sea-Tac is in a period of mass expansion. Around 50 million people are expected to travel through the airport this year.

Louisiana is drowning: Tropical Storm Barry, cut this shit out! He (Barry) is expected to make landfall today in Morgan City, Louisiana. There will be up to 20 inches of rain.

Stock market is bustin' with Seattle-spawned companies: Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates are the fattest cats on the block on Wall Street. Both Amazon and Microsoft are the only trillion-dollar companies featured on the stock market. Amazon made the cut into the trillions club starting Thursday.

R. Kelly arrested on federal charges: The R&B singer was taken into custody Thursday night in Chicago on charges of child pornography, enticement of a minor, and obstruction of justice. He was accused in a 13-count federal indictment. He's already been indicted in Chicago and is expected to receive a separate indictment for more charges in Brooklyn sometime Friday.

Canadian instructor wanted gifts and sex in exchange for better grades: A Cape Breton University teacher requested a student give him lobster, moose meat, and sex in exchange for better grades. One of those things is not like the other. The student reported the instructor after she gave him the moose meat and lobster and he "demanded" they have sex. He has been fired.

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Headline of the week: Drunk man sends injured baby bird to wildlife rescue center in an Uber.

A fun fact for your Friday: Alberta, Canada, doesn't have any rats.

The best Seattle entertainment options this weekend include: The first of several Hawaiian Nights in the Canlis parking lot, Ballard SeafoodFest, and Queer Press Fest.