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Michete is bringing her earwormy club pop to Capitol Hill Block Party Justin Ortiz

The Stranger's critics have put together a list of 20 must-see artists playing at this weekend's 23rd annual Capitol Hill Block Party. The full list will hit the streets (and our website) this Wednesday. Until then, we're giving you a sneak peek of select CHBP picks. Follow all Capitol Hill Block Party posts on Slog here.

Seattle pop star Michete has a proclivity for the earwormy, the gutter, the club. Which is to say, her music is really fucking fun. Which is to say, I’ve been listening to “Miss Shitty” on repeat after hearing it during an intermission at a Kremwerk drag show. “Hey, I’m young Miss Shitty / young Miss Cunt, bitch / Run this city” has been on an endless loop in my brain. The only thing I want to hear after a night out dancing is her dick-sucking anthem, “Yum Yum Big Slurp,” and sometimes, yes, I need a reminder that I’m a “Stupid Girl,” that I’m a dumb bitch. Michete—who produces all her own beats—is a very quotable, very boppable good time.

Michete performs at Capitol Hill Block Party 2019 on Saturday, 6:45-7:15 pm, on the Barboza Stage. Choice media below.

This song slaps—if you see me walking anywhere in the city, there's an 95% chance I'm listening to "Miss Shitty":

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The artistry really jumps out in this song. I know it's about wanting to "yum yum big slurp" someone, but if you watch this clip, I'm pretty sure there's an Agnès Varda's La Pointe Courte reference at 2:30. Or 500 Days of Summer. Or Azealia Banks? In any case, the sampled moans get me:

Here she is enacting out every sleepover I've ever had:

Michete also recently dropped a video for "Touch It," a sexy darkwave electro tune that sounds like a finger beckoning you to come on and touch it. It features lots of local Seattle drag entertainers like One, Kylie Mooncakes, Monday Mourning, and more. It's kinda spooky!: