Make sure you get this shit right.
Make sure you get this shit right. HILL STREET STUDIOS/GETTY

White population declines in King County: For the first time ever, the population of white people in King County has had negative growth. It's nothing huge—between 2017 and 2018 there was a decline of 4,000 people out of the 1.3 million whites in the county. However, the Seattle Times' Gene Balk says that this is a trend. In the last decade, the population has gone from 65 percent to 59 percent white. The Asian population is showing the most growth.

Our endorsements are here!: See what the Stranger Election Control Board has to say about the upcoming August 6 primary. Most importantly, see who the hell to vote for. I'm thinking we should come up with a new tagline like... "The only chamber of commerce divergent endorsements in town (besides the Urbanist)." That could use some workshopping. Still. Make it your bible. Or your Magna Carta. Whatever significant document that holds meaning. And, if you forget to vote, you can use our endorsements as a tissue to mop up your tears after Amazon is poised to win controlling interest in our city council!

Remember when the Bellingham Fire Department used a dead body for training exercises? I think about this at least twice a week. Last year, a man died in the back of an ambulance. The fire department seized the moment and used the man's body for training exercises, placing his body-bagged body on the floor of the fire station and inserting endotracheal tubes into the body 15 times. The city paid the man's two children $75,000 apiece and faces a $15 million claim from his widow. Now his brother "has filed a federal lawsuit against the city alleging tortuous interference with a corpse,” the Seattle Times reports. It also turns out that the Bellingham Fire Department had been practicing on dead bodies for 25 years!

This is cute:

Skagit County vs. farmer suicides: Farming is one of the top 10 professions with the greatest suicide risk. That's because, as some speculate, farming is something completely out of the farmer's control and entirely dependent on outside forces like the weather and the government. Skagit County and Washington State University are trying to help local farmers in need.

It's wet and cool outside: Here's the science behind it.

King County holds summit on huge public-health crisis: Guns. Wednesday will be the second day of a public-health summit hosted by the King County Board of Health. The message is that having a gun increases the likelihood of dying from a firearm. Gun owners are predictably pissed.

This KOMO story feels... conflicting: It's called "Seattle named Top 3 city to live in United States." So maybe Seattle isn't dying? (And before you say it, yes, I know this was just a press release KOMO warmed up.)

There's footage of Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein partying together: Trump has tried to distance himself from Epstein, the hedge-fund investor charged with sex trafficking. Here's him partying with Epstein and a bunch of attractive young women at a 1992 party:

Read this New York Times report on the Notre Dame fire: The cause of the fire is still unknown. It was able to burn out of control due to the precious time lost from a miscommunication. It also came perilously close to collapse. Firefighters took huge risks and some were sent directly into the flames. Read this on your lunch break or your post-coffee bathroom run.

Not to be the bearer of bad news...: But I'm the bearer of bad news. Have you, or anyone in your digital circles, used this app (FaceApp) to see what you'd look like as an old geezer, or the opposite sex, or whatever else by uploading an image of your face and letting the app manipulate it? Well, the Russian-owned app has your facial data now.

Cruel and unusual punishment: West Palm Beach in Florida wants to keep homeless people from sleeping in a city park. The solution? Playing children's songs on loop throughout the night. The songs are the vastly annoying and endlessly catchy "Baby Shark” and whatever “Raining Tacos” is.

Oklahoma charter school embezzled millions through fake students: The virtual charter system, Epic Charter Schools, is accused of enrolling "ghost students" in order to get profits from state-appropriated funds. Epic receives state funding for each student enrolled, so its founders decided to start offering dual enrollment to students already enrolled in home school, private school, or sectarian school. They offered the parents of those children $800 to $1,000 to enroll, and many parents accepted without ever intending to have their children receive instruction from Epic.

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Look at these silly bears:

El Chapo gets life in US prison: The 62-year-old Mexican drug kingpin was sentenced on Wednesday: Life in prison without parole. He said he was denied a fair trial.

Tonight's best Seattle entertainment options include: A night of stand-up with Ali Wong, a chance to claim a $1 cinnamon roll at Cinnaholic, and a night of punky melodic indie-pop with Mauno, Jo Passed, and Antonioni.