Slog AM: King County Gets Slightly Less White, El Chapo Gets Convicted, The Stranger's Primary Endorsements Are Here



"If you use #FaceApp you are giving them a license to use your photos, your name, your username, and your likeness for any purpose including commercial purposes (like on a billboard or internet ad) -- see their Terms... "

And fb, too, owns Everything you Post
so, good Luck, America!

Much like our precious Airwaves
We've handed it all over to Corps America™.

Who KNEW?!



Seattle Named Top City Rankings:

1st – Income Growth
22nd – Quality of Public Hospital System
14th – Quality of Public School System
12th – Job Opportunities
13th – Air Quality
1st – Access to Public Transportation
8th – Walkability
21st – Parkland (as % of City Area)
24th – Violent-Crime Rate

I don't understand how it is #1 for access to public transportation.



Nothing about the director at Planned Parenthood being forced out after only 10 months?
Her crime?
being a public health professional concerned with actual public health services.
It seems PP can't be bothered with mundane issues like women's health when there is Abortion Advocacy to be wrought.
The conflict only highlights what everyone already knows, that PP is only all about Abortion, particularly the disproportionate killing of black babies.
Margaret Sanger is proud.


Congratulations to The Stranger on your political endorsements!
You exhibited some courage I wouldn't have suspected.


@3: LOL like anybody believes you give two shits about women's health.
Troll harder child.


Not that this is news to anyone, but man, that Cheeto-skinned shitgibbon has Artie Ziff-level "grabby, grabby hands"...


Like anyone believes The Left gives a half a shit about the well being of babies.
“Safe, Legal and Rare” ?
Shout Your Infanticide! is more like it.


Renter taxes go to property taxes, so EVERYONE has just cause to vote NO on Prop 1. Don't believe "modest expansion" on expenditures that are nice-to-have instead of must-haves.


@5 It lacks a basic understanding of biology. That's why it is so enraged all the time. Life is scary when even basic things don't make sense. I would tell you to pity @3 & @7 but that would be a waste of time.


*Rent goes to property taxes


@6: Nah, Artie Ziff had busy hands, not grabby ones.


@2, "I don't understand how it is #1 for access to public transportation." We have access to a lot of buses. It doesn't say anything about the practicality, efficiency, or usability of those buses once accessed.


13th in Air Quality? The last Smoke Season sure hurt our rankings.



If you were to inform any sane individual on the planet that we had two factions of people, one of whom didn't care about children, then informed them that one of these two groups just expanded low cost healthcare to include millions and millions of children and regularly campaigns for universal care and the other group actively campaigns against such expansions, there'd be no issues identifying which group was which. Unless you were a dumbass.


Seattle? Not dying.

KOMO? Maybe.


I suggest the only photos uploaded to this FaceApp thing should be Trump and Putin. And maybe Pence.


You're right.
Especially when you tell them that your dream expanded low cost healthcare includes paying for the slaughtering of millions and millions of children....


republicans prefer to slaughter their children the old fashioned way


Reality is lost on these bots. I say ignore em.



With any luck he'll never be allowed the opportunity to breed and thus pass along his dumb-ass DNA to any potential progeny.


Do I need to point out that reporting about the percentage of Whites in King County is, in fact, racist?


@22 - No, because it deals with the noun 'race' and not the adjective 'racist'. The aggregated data are facts, not commentary.



No, you don't - unless your intention is to self-identify as a member of the SLOG Dumbass Society...