Emma Danner (in yellow) leads the rapidly ascending Red Ribbon.
Emma Danner (in yellow) leads the rapidly ascending Red Ribbon. LAUREN RODRIGUEZ

The Stranger's critics have compiled a list of 20 must-see artists playing at this weekend's 23rd annual Capitol Hill Block Party. The full list will hit the streets (and our website) this Wednesday. Until then, we're giving you a sneak peek of select CHBP picks. Follow all Capitol Hill Block Party posts on Slog here.

Seattle’s Red Ribbon have been on a rapid ascent during their brief existence while undergoing many personnel changes. For this Block Party appearance, the lineup will consist of guitarist/vocalist and former Dræmhouse member Emma Danner, flautist Veronica Dye (TERMINATor), bassist Matt Berry, keyboardist Patrick Latham, and drummer Josh Hart. Red Ribbon create chill, midnight-blue rock that induces nuanced degrees of elation and melancholy, and their 2018 album Dark Party is a self-
explanatory gem. Its hushed, alluring songs have filled the void left by Hardly Art stars La Luz when they departed Seattle for LA.

Red Ribbon performs at Capitol Hill Block Party 2019 on Friday, 7-7:45 pm, on the Neumos Stage. Choice media below.

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