Slog AM: Wildfire Almost Reaches Hanford Nuclear Site; Mostly Women Died in Japanese Arson Attack; Rand Paul Dodges Interview, Promotes Fox News



Five Guys fracas - in Florida, of course!


Learning that 20 out of the 33 victims of the arson attack in Japan were women makes me 10.7% sadder about the event.

It's a real shame+10.7%.


Wow! 33 deaths is the most killed at once in 20 years. It's almost as if not having easy access to weapons of mass death makes killing mass amounts of people less accessible. Can't wait for factsIpullOutofMyAss to see this.


@3 Well, Japan also has a low crime rate and is safe because the cops can hold you in a cell for 21 days and not let you talk to a lawyer. Leads to a 99% conviction rate based almost entirely on confessions. I'll take Japanese gun control if we can have that kind of criminal control as well.


the longer the city delays the lime scooters, the fewer concussions and broken bones there will be.


@2: Why even say that Theodore.


@6: That's what I wondered in the first place.


The Democratic party leadership (DNC) told Insley there wouldn't be a climate change presidential debate (even though climate change is the number 1 issue for Democrats) but also that he would be banned from all further Democrat debates if he participated to an alternate climate change presidential debate. “Who Is the DNC Loyal To?”


"Cold hard cash at play in city council elections"
Time to raise those vouchers to $10,000 apiece.


@8: Pairs well with Obama's forewarning about the progressive democrats' circular firing squad.


The nyt article mentions the gender balance because it reflects the wider animation industry in japan, which is apparently increasing female-dominated. It’s a weird hook for an article about the tragic, fiery deaths of an entire anime studio but I learned something.


Japan has a super low crime rate,
but also an appalling lack of 'diversity';
and not much of an economic underclass.
We'll let you connect the dots.


@10 Progressives pointing out that, despite the rhetoric, neoliberal Democrats won't do fuck all to mitigate climate change isn't circular at all. Per usual Obama is clueless or disingenious.


@4 Ah. So if only the police could arbitrarily hold anyone with out council and torture them into confession THEN you’d be all for gun control! Cool to know.

Because who would need guns then after you have a government that totally strips the other rights from its citizens? Well. So much for the gun nut argument “buh... buh... buh ah need mah guns to pro-tek’us from the gubmint!”

Here we see how our hypocrite Gun Nut rightwingnut trolls expose their total contempt for human rights, law, and principles and show us what they really want: authoritarianism.


Oh for fuck sake. Chalk math as another thing mrFacts can’t do.

You don’t know what RATE means. As in per 100,000. One hundred thousand people is one hundred thousand people, dipshit.

Between 2005 and 2012 the US homicide rate was 4.9 per 100,000 people.

The homicide rate in Japan was 1.1 per 100,000 people.

That RATE doesn’t magically change if Japans population was 300 million.

In 2016 the US suicide rate was 13.0 per 100k.

In Japan in 2016 it was 14.0 per 100k. Only one death per 100K higher.

I realize you’re no Einstein but even you are capable of seeing how the math makes Japan no where close to the US in homicides even when you add self murder. Or maybe you’re not.

You conflating suicide numbers (and phrasing like “human caused death?”) so you can choke out a sad exceptionally cherry picked — and yet STILL WRONG — and stupid point just reveals your predictable desperation.


"Japan has a super low crime rate, but also an appalling lack of 'diversity'"

@12 Why is a lack of diversity in Japan "appalling"? Seems to function well for them. Your colonial, white man's burden attitude is what's appalling.

"not much of an economic underclass."

You obviously haven't spent much time in Sanya or Kamagasaki.


Some Japanese folks I talked to many years ago said that if there’s one thing they are grateful for the US military rule it’s the confiscation of all weapons right after the war.
It was deemed humiliating and risky at the time, yet a move recognized as making them safer for generations to come. They wondered why Americans won’t implement this policy back home.


@19 we hold sacred our right to kill each other with maximum efficiency



Because of the law/constitution?


@14 It's grillin' season, and ya burnt!


@19 Indeed ALL weapons are highly regulated in Japan (swords are registered and one can't carry a spike or blade longer than a couple of inches in public according to 90's laws), which may in part explain the continuing decline in murder rate.


Yo, constitution fetishists who change their screen name on the fly- the right to bare arms means rolling up your sleeves.


@21 someone took civics in high school, show off


"constitution fetishists"

Yeah, rule of law sucks. I want to live in a country that's run by "rule of feelings".


@26 As if sensible people didn't update their laws along with everything else. Go away, troll.


Rules can be changed, we did it in Japan. Constitution fetishists hail the doc when it suits them.


@14: Facts4Yestersday, I don't know what that has to do with 'Lectric Scooters.


Homogenous, high trust societies generally do not have high murder rates regardless of accessibility to weapons.

Other such countries like this but with easy access to firearms include Switzerland and the Czech Republic.

Countries such as England which are non-homogenous, low-trust societies that heavily restrict weapon access still tend to have higher murder rates than aforementioned homogenous, high-trust societies with easy weapon access.


"The arson attack Thursday that killed 33 people was carried out by a 41-year-old man who said the anime studio he targeted 'stole a novel' from him."

Well, forgive me for looking for 'rational thought' from an obviously insane person, but the Workers didn't 'steal your novel' from you -- the Owners of the studio (allegedly) did.

We've learned to target ourselves and in the process given the Profiteers a pass.
At our Peril.

"I want to live in a country that's run by 'rule of feelings'."
--Sir Douglass MacArther, above

Well, then you must LOVE hair Furor
campaigning mostly on Fear, Loathing
and Hatred of all things not sparkly White.

BTW -- have you had your DNA tested?
Remember, ANY off-White in your fambly
means. you. ain't.

Good Luck!


"As if sensible people didn't update their laws along with everything else"

Great, let me know when you get the second amendment repealed by the Congress with a two-thirds majority vote, in both the House of Representatives and the Senate, or by a constitutional convention called for by two-thirds of the State legislatures.

Until then, what's your point again?


"Rules can be changed, we did it in Japan. "

Well it took a couple of a-bombs, but yeah, we did it.


Repeal the 2ndA?

Why? It says 'well-regulated.'
So let's fucking REGULATE it then.

Or we all get tanks.


@30 as if "the right to bear arms" were a protection against many tyrannical governments nowadays, little less, a government controlling the most powerful professional army in the world. Thanks for the laugh. All the while you oppose the democratization of elections (president elected by actual vote count, reform role of senate, etc) for public officials and government that would go a lot further to prevent tyrannical government. You are only clinging to the constitution as a fig leaf for regressive policies.


Speaking of Inherited Wealth,* former heir (to Great Wealth) john Du pont got himself a tank. He didn't murder anybody with it (he used his gun instead).

*like trumpfy!
(who skated on 90% of the Taxes!)
preferring instead to trickle them down on to YOU


"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

@36 Nice try, but you ignored the comma, like usual.


@39 -- well, then, THNX for the Tanks!

I'll be getting the Twin Flamethrowers* optional

*for defending my Castle, duh
[Plus, the Slaves are gettin' awful Uppiddy, if ya know what I mean!]


For punching nazis, against guns, for antifa, for street violence, for forceful disarmament of the populace, believes A DEMOCRACY IS AT STEAK!1


Was a nearly picture perfect thread for a while there, folks.


So sorry, STEER.


"The electoral college has an important role in safeguarding the civil rights... "

If by civil rights you mean taking others' voting rights away
(dilution is the Slave States solution).

'Cept when they needed the Black Vote
Well, not their Votes, you understand
They couldn't much cotton to Blacks voting
(Hell, they still cain't).
They just wanted to count their Bodies
(to stack the deck).


@33: Oh yes, like the homogeneous native Americans were racist before the white man came.


@34 there is nothing in the 2nd amendment that prevents drastic regulation of all modern weapons despite fancy-full conservative interpretation of a ~230 yo document, on the contrary as a matter of fact as it mentions the context of well regulated militias. Government already bans weapons for some people and severely regulates military weapons for all because nobody really confuses muskets and muzzle loaders with modern weaponry.

You aren't even smart, troll. Why inflict on us your sorry rhetoric?


I just came here to sa--- oh forget it.


Your taking away civil rights to protect civil rights Libertarian logic is as stupid as it is dangerous and best exemplified by your party routinely stealing the right to vote from millions of minority voters and the stranglehold of big money over government. Your wrapping yourself in the constitution is as disgraceful as it is stupid. You look like Trump hugging the flag when he wouldn't be caught doing anything for anybody but himself.



The founders expected the Constitution would be amended frequently to suit changing times. The founders were sensible. The gun lobby is not.


49 is for @42


No worries kris, you’re not who I was referring to.

I mean, what better way to deal with white supremacists who feel compelled to shatter the power of the holy people than to be completely fucking psychotic right back at em?


"Constitution would be amended frequently to suit changing times."

So amend it. However, it might mean you'll have to work evenings and weekends.


@30,42 -- The day when 2A people ^actually^ stand up to tyranny with their guns, instead of just flapping their GUMS about it, is the day I'll actually believe them. Until then, it's so much hot air.

So far, with radical partisan gerrymandering, vote-squashing, "hanging chads", the illegitimate stacking of the Supreme Court, and a Walking Corporation gaming our voting system only to debase our politics & pit Americans against Americans---- I've seen nothing from the 2A people trying to stop this clear waltz towards tyranny.

In fact, they all seem to be on the side of the guy actively duping them with thick, conspiracy-tainted smokescreen rhetoric while the Republicans pass legislation exclusively for corporate benefit.

Put up or shut up.


@54 I am afraid he'll just keep spouting snake oil equivalent to "majority rule is tyranny" in order to perpetuate the rules that rig it for a small minority, that includes huge gobs of secret Koch brothers cash to protect "liberty" of course.


If you really though you might have to defend your rights with force against a tyrannical government you would do a sit-up once in a wile and would be able to run a sub-10 minute mile. No matter how many AR's you have you couldn't take the worst infantry unit or even the SPD.


@56 respecting minority rights isn't equivalent to trampling the right to a representative government. You are using one to justify denying the other. It's fucking nonsense.


To answer the question "what if Hanford burned up?"

I'm not sure what you think "Hanford" is, Nathalie, but it's not a vast movie-villain complex of giant nuclear reactors and sky-lasers and whatnot. I mean, it used to be, at the height of the cold war, but now?

It's mostly cattle fencing around empty scrub desert. A piece of it is the burial ground for some of the world's nastiest nuclear waste, which would be unaffected by a wildfire (though there have been other problems over the years-- leaks, mostly).

There are a few buildings left at the old weapons production site, mostly dedicated to the ongoing cleanup effort. The last nuclear reactor was decommissioned in 1987, and the rest were dismantled by 1970 or so. If everything left suddenly burst into flame, you wouldn't want to be downwind of it, but it wouldn't set off a melt-a-hole-to-the-center-of-the-earth scenario, or rain radioactive ash all over the country, or turn all the cows in WA into vampires.


About scooters:

The average lifespan of one of those rental units is approximately 3 months. That in turn means those companies are generating a lot of hard-to-dispose-of solid waste. This is based on third-party research, the companies refuse to release data on the lifespan of the things or hard numbers on disposal/recycling/reuse.

About China building solar:

China is also building and planning coal plants faster than any other country in the world (though India is catching up). See this shiny interactive infographic: