Slog PM: God Bless These Goats, You Can Join Brandi Carlile's Wine Club, The Guardian Explores Seattle's "Antifa Cops"



Was Nathalie fired or just fired up?


It's the Squid vs. the Squad.


Aw, Chase, Nathalie really got your goat!

Fired though? You have goat to be KID-ding me!

Shit just goat serious!

/Is this thing on?
//What do you mean my goat puns are baaaaa-d?
///I'll show myself out.


Whoa WHOA Common Market has a new album out? WHAT YEAR IS IT


"After firing the officers, the Gretna Police Chief called the situation 'disturbing' and 'an embarrassment to our department.'" Well done, and a good start, lads.

Speaking of Embarassments:
"Trump has not built a single mile of new border fence after 30 months in office." Wtf? MakeMexicoGreatAgain?

Trumpfy's dumb fight for a wall along the US-Mex border resulted in the longest government shutdown in history -- 34 days. Very Presidential, Mr. "president." What did he get out of it? A lot of pissed off, poorly-paid workers and a hiccup in our GNP. Well played.

Where's all that Cheaper, BETTER Healthcare you Promised us, Mr. "president"? (Thank gawd for Insurance Corps and their Death Panels -- 'scuse me -- Share Holders, eh? Gotta love their devotinon to thinning the herd/the overpopulation problem).

Irregardlessly, the poor Billionaires (and Multi-Billoinaires!) got themselves a TRILLION POINT FIVE FUCKING Dollar tax cut ffs.

Is it just me, beginning to get Impatient, waiting to get 'Tired of all the winning'? What's the Holdup, Mr. "president."

Oh, and have you heard? This illegitimate President is Illegitmate -- yeah, he's got the Birth Certificate -- but he fucking Cheated* to 'win' the Election.

*see: Stormy Daniels, Micheal Cohen, Prison, 'Individual One,' Pay-offs, Hush Moneys AND Prison, et al


Will Tumpfy be allowed to make Movies in prison?
That could get Interesting


It seems weird to me that Trumpfy didn't claim Presidental Rights and demand his (federally-mandated) 15 minutes with the Bride. Must not have been his type?


Thank you, Chase. Goats to the rescue! Save us from Trumpty Dumpty induced fire season.
@1 Phoebe in Wallingford: Or maybe she missed the goat?
@3 Urgutha Forka: LOL
5, 6, 7, 8....
German Sausage and kristofarian for the WIN! I love you guys.

Methinks Nathalie go(a)t too hung up on Ted Bundy.


way too much President Rapist Sociopath in this summary.


I would bet money that Trump will take that image of the Puerto Rican people protesting against their governor and claim that it is people marching FOR him.


@11 -- he may be an Orwellian Nightmare,
Schweighsr, but he's (still) [WTF?] our "president"!

Rember -- if it ain't Fake
it ain't (really) trumpfy.



Remeber -- if it ain't Fake
it ain't (really) trumpfy.


Thank Gawd for the Edit Button:

Correction [#2] :

Remember -- if it ain't Fake
it ain't (really) trumpfy.