like stoners ever drag their asses out to vote anyway...


I'm voting for the democratic candidate who wins the nomination whether that's Biden or someone else because I want Trump gone asap and I also want to get rid of as many republicans as possible.

I don't like Biden's stance on legalization but he can feel anyway he wants to about it, that genie is not going back into the bottle ever again.

@1, way to perpetuate inaccurate stereotypes about stoners, about all you've accomplished is to show everyone else how out of touch you are with reality.


I can't stand Biden. I'm for full legalization. But I don't have a problem with his stance here at all. If Mississippi wants to be Mississippi about weed... whatever. Yes, people will be hurt (maybe me!), but progress is still progress and I support states being laboratories of democracy.


I’m as pro-legalization as it gets but but my god who fucking cares right now and anyway his plan is just fine the way it is. Our country is designed to resist radical change at the federal level and it is left to the states to experiment with policy. Very gradual change we can believe in.


Speaking as a stoner, that sounds fine to me.


If I could get rid of Trump by electing Joe Biden, I would do that.
If I could get rid of Trump by electing Kamala Harris, I would do that.
If I could get rid of Trump by electing Pete Buttigieg, I would do that.
If I could get rid of Trump by electing Elizabeth Warren, I would also do that.


I am so over The Stranger's all or nothing approach to cannabis legalization. May I remind you again, that in most parts of the country you can be thrown in jail for possession. Any step - including decriminalization - is a step forward.


Weed, like booze is a local issue. Schedule II and decriminalizing and having states decide is a good way to do it. If you live in a place where they don't legalize the sale you can move to another place or organize and get the law changed. About the only things we need the Feds to do is change the laws so cannabis operations can legally deal with the banking system and make it easier for growers to do business across state lines.


@3, oh, come on. Don't be obtuse. The president has a lot to say about how the federal government treats MJ (or anything else for that matter).

Right now, states are being hamstrung by Federal policy. WA can legalize weed all we want, but if the feds decide to crack down, they can still prosecute stoners and retailers for federal crimes. And the federal government sets banking rules, and that is one of the biggest roadblocks right now. Weed retailers and growers have a hard time trying to run legal businesses because most banks won't touch them, won't loan to them, won't provide merchant accounts for them (so they can take cards), etc. So, yes, the president's stance can make a big difference.

Biden's stance, limited though it is, would at least give states free reign to do whatever they want, and allow banks to support legal weed businesses like any other business. A small step, sure, but at least moving the ball in the right direction.


At least Biden bothered to read the Constitution. Apparently Herzog didn't. Don't they educate children anymore?


If a state is so ass backwards that they aren't already legalizing pot, then they're a red state. Period. Full Stop. So liberals in those states ultimately won't swing an election.

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