Boeing lost over $1 billion in the second quarter.
Boeing lost over $1 billion in the second quarter. GHOSTSTONE/GETTY Images

Same-day voter registration is here and you better vote: Washington is now one of 20 other states that has made it stupid easy to cast your ballot. You can register to vote on Election Day! The idea behind the change is to make sure no one is excluded from the process. Several in-person voting locations will be open. Since this is an off-year for elections—no president to vote in or our and no governor change—turn out may not be as high. That's why officials are implementing changes to the voting system now. Your ballot should be in your mailbox. Make sure you fill it out how we tell you.

We’re going to need a bigger boat, Seattle Rep presents Bruce.
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It's, as they say, Mueller time: The Mueller Hearing is upon us. It's here! Mueller will be gabbing about his investigation into Russian election interference. Today is the first of two hearings. According to The Stranger's editor of print, Christopher Frizzelle, who is live-slogging this whole thing, the beginning has been kind of a cluster fuck. For now, here's the biggest detail: Mueller did not exonerate the president. More to come.

A carpool criminal crackdown: All you HOV cheaters are going to have to pay a lot more for your transgressions starting on Sunday. The fine for sneaking into the HOV lane with no other passengers is being raised. The first infraction will cost $186. The second, and all the rest after assuming you make a habit of this, will be $336. If you try to beguile your way in with a dummy of sorts (people do this!) it will cost you $200 off the bat. The change comes as new legislation goes into effect and you should count your lucky stars because the original legislation raised fines up to $755.

Seattle comes in third for gentrification: Out of 100 cities, Seattle is lucky number three for "most gentrifying," just behind Portland, Oregon, and Washington, D.C. This study, according to Gene Balk at the Seattle Times, also found that gentrification is... good? Though gentrification does disproportionately impact low-income communities and communities of color, the study found that the impact is way less pronounced than expected. Only 4 to 6 percent of original residents migrate when gentrification occurs. It also apparently allows a boon in property values. Gentrification also increased the likelihood that original residents' children would go to college.

Here comes the sun: Do-do-do-do. Highs will be in the mid-70s today.

Lyft will help homeless families: The rideshare company has partnered with Mary's Place to give homeless women and families free rides. The shelter will arrange Lyfts to pick them up to and from the shelter for free. The pilot program will last six months. Lyft also gave Mary's Place a $7,500 ride credit.

You've been good and earned another Mueller tidbit: Chew on this.

Boeing isn't doing too hot: The plane-maker has hemorraghed $1.01 billion in the second quarter alone from this 737 MAX debacle (which, if you haven't heard, is when two of those planes nosedived and killed everyone on board). Boeing is still building about 42 of the besmirched planes a month. They're gathering dust since no one can take the plane—or would want to take the plane—due to the flying ban in place. This is Boeing's biggest loss in a decade.

WSDOT is a glass half-full type of organization: The Washington Department of Transportation had a traffic camera issue yesterday that extended into today. The camera was pointed straight up at the sky. They called it "a moment of serenity."

Facebook gets fined: The social media giant incurred a $5 billion penalty for privacy violations relating to the Cambridge Analytica data leak that exposed millions of users' data. Going forward, regulations on Facebook will be stricter and Mark Zuckerberg will have to personally certify his company's compliance.

A tally: If you're not paying close attention to the hearing, don't sweat it. Mueller seems to be quite... laconic. He's offered up 42 one-word answers at the time of my writing. That number will change but I don't forsee Mueller getting chatty anytime soon. Although he did offer this just now!

A 500-year-old perfectly-preserved shipwreck: Is at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. Scientists have dated the ship back to the Renaissance. The ship first appeared as a blip on a sonar test as "something out of the ordinary" in 2009. It wasn't until 10 years later when a natural gas pipeline on the seabed was being surveyed that officials found the full ship. They deployed remotely operated vehicles to take a peek. This video feels so eerie.

China makes a threat: China is upset about the protests challenging Hong Kong's government. China then hinted that it could really, quite easily, mobilize its troops in the People’s Liberation Army and get them to Hong Kong. Protests in Hong Kong stemmed from controversial legislation that would have allowed the extradition of Hong Kong residents to mainland China. Protests have been on-going despite the bill getting killed.

Who thought this was a good idea??? Forever 21, the fashion store abyss, has been sending anyone who orders from their plus-sized collection an Atkins diet bar. It's lemon flavored and offensive.

The best thing on Twitter right now is this little girl who definitely talks to animals: A Twitter user has been documenting her mom's next door neighbor's granddaughter who seems to always have a different set of animals following her around.

For those of you who read PM: Or followed along on Twitter as I shamelessly documented myself breaking into my house. I will be locking my windows from now on and remembering my keys! My roommate got mad at me for teaching Seattle how to break into our house. Not that there was really much to teach? I mean, there was an open window, it's not like I had to spell it out for anyone.

Tonight's best Seattle entertainment options include: The Chopped-style cookoff Game of Chefs, free movie screenings at the new Columbia City theater the Beacon, and a bedroom-pop show with Hibou.