SDOT Just Paid a Trucker $5,000 For Driving 1,800 Miles In Seattle



the reward was for safety, not for driving itself. what kind of a dumbass article premise is this? is this a bad Mudede impression?


Not alot of good comes from blaming everyday, normal people for living in the world they are born into. In this world, people drive trucks to deliver goods. Blame people for that, or take their livelihoods away without a replacement...? You're just making more Trump voters.

Ire needs to be directed at our leaders. Not poor schlubs driving trucks to deliver goods. And solutions have to account for livelihoods lost in change.


Um, he, was, like already driving ... dude!


"But how safe is it to encourage an activity that is destroying our planet and will kill millions in the process?"

They were encouraging safe driving. Safe driving saves lives.


Remember, if the Port of Seattle required all trucks picking up goods to be zero emission trucks, and the City only permitted zero emission trucks inside city limits from 5 am to 2 am (21 hours), the market would quickly replace tax subsidized fossil fuel trucks with cheaper to maintain and fuel electric trucks.

PACCAR makes them. Here in this county. They sell like hotcakes in BC (15 percent of all truck sales are zero emission trucks) and in California.

ACTIONS, not words. You had 12 years, but that means 80 percent reduction by 2025 and 100 percent reduction by 2030.


@6 But what does that have to do with rewarding the driver, who was probably assigned his truck by his employer?

This whole article is just about taking a crap on working people for doing a job that needs to be done because “Look at me! I’m SOOOOOOOoooooo environmentally wonderful! Not like those dirty filthy subhumans who bring me my food and clothing and, well, pretty much every other material object I use in my life!”

Seriously, the article reads like the driver was just jumping in his truck and driving around for fun all day, every day.


Lester, the event also "provide[d] bi-weekly prizes to people biking, riding transit . . . ."

Is there some reason you elected to omit that fact?


Can I file a claim with The Stranger for damages sustained by the epic eye roll this article caused me to do?


Man with bun and a $200,000 Boston U education blasts truck driver for hard and safe work record and then wonders why Trump is president.


The money was paid by PEMCO, not Seattle. Also, the driving was going to happen regardless. Score for the driver thought, that's something like an extra $70 bucks an hour, depending.

Hate to pile on, but what @9 and @10 said.


Nice class war, bro.


Just curious, how do all those hard copy Strangers get distributed from the printer every other week?


@13 we use timber haulers, you know, those large pincer things made of iron, and drag them down Skid Row to the Mosquito Fleet, which then delivers them to all the cargo bike couriers.

The ships, of course, use biofuel made from tree spinnies, it was developed in Spokane.


How the hell do you think "density" works, Lester?


@13, The distribution is only part is of The Stranger's huge carbon footprint. Deforestation, Pulp Mills polluting air and water and all for a paper magazine that's soon tossed. I would wager with the handful of reporters The Stranger has their carbon footprint per person is in the top percent polluters.
A truck driving seven days a week is nothing compared to The Stranger.