Reader Advice Roundup: From Creepy Old Pervs to Puffy Pink Jackets



"Certainly some of the stench is/was from butt sex. But perhaps not all of it."

How exactly does he know that? Does butt sex smell different than a farting problem? Or from moldy laundry? Or from any number of other things? I repeat this is fake.


Was it a puffy jacket? I hadn't noticed.


Ah, so that's where that Trent Reznor tweet that's doing the rounds came from.

And definitely a puffy jacket.


Who was this guy Captain Louis Renault? "My family and I were on the way home from Rick's Cafe listening to your podcast, and we were shocked! Shocked, to find graphic talk of anal sex."


Nice body on that boy and not just for the gays. What, only gay men can appreciate a beautifully sculptured male chest? Suspect cover over his bottom half, some action going on no doubt.


Check the sewer line, check the vents for dead animals, check under the stove, check under piles of clothes, check behind the fridge for wayward produce...


Oh, and under the sinks. Mold from leaks can smell surprisingly like shit sometimes.


And that's all supposing nothing died in the wall. Then you're just screwed.


Perhaps I read that tweet wrong. Don’t know why I get sucked into reading Dan’s attempt to convert. So many tweets seem like riddles to me.


Saying your ultimate man would be Chris Evans gets you some very perplexed looks if you live in the U.K.


Maybe if you didn’t take your political soul to twitter, Dan, more of it would show itself here.
Who do people think is ahead here, re democratic contenders. Poor Beto didn’t make the splash he’d hoped. Which is lucky, some shady things about him.
US politics is like a never ending soap. Our lot sleep thru now, ripping the country apart, till just before next federal election, three yrs away.


Jodo @10: Yes! Though perhaps Billie Piper knows things the rest of us don't.


@11 LavaGirl
"Who do people think is ahead here, re democratic contenders."

Nice interactive chart here:

In the horse race...

Old Gropey Joe's lead has gotten much smaller. Good Old Bernie has dropped back too as /my/ favorite Fighting Elizabeth is now in 2nd by a nose.

Of coure what /really/ matters if (as I personally wish) Biden's numbers drop further, is delegates not national percentages.


@Bi @3: What Trent tweet? Clue me in!


Yes curious, I’m warming to Elizabeth too. The country needs a nourishing as well as a progressive leader, and Warren gives off that she has empathy for other humans.


Who is Trent?


@LavaGirl: Trent Reznor, main/sole dude behind the band Nine Inch Nails, along with many other projects, arguably one of the most talented musicians of the last fifty years.


Not up on nine inch nails...must be a few musicians in that category, worldwide. Or you just thinking US musicians, ciods.


It's my belief he's in the top ten in any category, Lava, but I'm aware others would disagree.


He wouldn’t be in the top ten for didgeridoo playing ciods.. thanks for clarifying who he is.


"Certainly some of the stench is/was from butt sex. But perhaps not all of it."

We still don't know why STENCH thinks this has anything to do with sex in the first place, do we? It isn't always obvious where smells are coming from - sometimes I think I've forgotten to scoop the cat's litter box, but it turns out the kitchen trash has something extra smelly, even though I perceive the smell to be stronger coming from the basement where the litter box is. As for why he notices it coming home but (presumably) not when leaving in the morning, it's probably because he's accustomed to the smell in the morning, having been around it through the night, so his brain filters it out and he doesn't notice again until he's been gone all day at work and his sense of smell has adapted to a different environemnt, after which he notices the once-again-novel smell.


curious@13, I couldn’t follow your link but I’m glad to hear Bernie’s numbers are falling. I don’t think he is an electable candidate this time around, and the Dems really need to nominate someone who stands a chance against the Cheeto Benito. I think the labor negotiations inside his campaign, that he doesn’t want to practice what he preaches, and the fact that he wants to do something on a national level that he can’t even accomplish in a satisfactory way on a relatively small scale are really hurting him especially with third party voters.


Ciods @14: A tweet made the rounds that said "Sex was created in 1994 when Trent Reznor released 'Closer'."
For reference:
And as evidence of how influential this was, check this:


@Bi: I'm pretty sure it was created in 2005, when I saw Trent perform Closer in concert.


To paraphrase Admiral Croft, A's sex may be as good as B's, but each will like one's own best.


Lava @ 5
“Suspect cover over his bottom half, some action going on no doubt.”
Some “action” is certainly hinted later in the video provided. If you pause at 1:35 and watch in full screen mode, you’ll notice his penis is in an upward position. Not a full-blown tent pole erection by any means, yet certainly alluding to.
This is no accidental, I’m sure they put a lot of effort to sexing up the picture. As you may notice the guy on the right has his tucked, almost invisible until he turns to the right and even then it’s barely noticeable.


For STENCH, check your Studor vents in bathrooms and under the kitchen sink. We had one go bad under the kitchen sink, which was an unexpected place to get sewer gas.