Durkan Apologizes, Tim Burgess Gets Negative, Ami Nguyen Has A Baby, And More City Council Election News!



“I think she’s divisive because we have really strong policy differences.” That’s… not the definition of divisive.

No kidding and that should go on Durkan's record as one of the dumbest statements ever made by her.

That "People for Seattle" PAC? According to The Stranger story, they claim they got info on Zachary DeWolf's record on the Seattle School Board from my blog, Seattle Schools Community Forum. They misrepresented what I said and, what's truly weird, is one of the leaders of PfS is Stephan Blanford who previously held the seat DeWolf sits in. Blanford KNOWS that DeWolf has been there longer than a year. (I'm no DeWolf fan but that flyer is shady business and shame on them for it. But desperate times make (sadly) desperate people.)

So we have the possibility of three Council Members who are new moms (I'm assuming Nguyen's is her first) with Mosqueda and Gonzalez also pregnant. I am all for women keeping their jobs even if that's elected office. I did read that Mosqueda hopes to get daycare into City Hall (which would have been nice sooner than when she herself got pregnant).

But speaking as a woman who has had kids, it is not just the sleepless nights. It's not just about childcare. After pregnancy, your body is still undergoing changes. I hope all three of them talk to their ob/gyn and have a really clear understanding of how having a baby can affect your life even after giving birth. Congrats to all and best of luck.


@1, I think you’re reading too much into an overloaded paragraph of the Stranger article:

“Anyhow, after ticking off tired attacks against Sawant, the mailer highlights criticism of DeWolf's year on the Seattle School Board, claiming he "often missed important meetings and rarely met with parents." In an email, People for Seattle cite Melissa Westbrook's blog to back those claims.”

Your blog does criticize him for missing meetings. It’s the flyer that says he was barely on the board for a year when he decided to run for Council. That’s also true, if sworn in Jan 2018 and announced he was running for Council in March of 2019.


And your still not signing your name.

He came into office in December 2017. You can check.


Well then tack another month on to the tally. It doesn’t change the math that much. Yay for you for signing your name, almost no one else uses there real name in this forum, and almost no one seems to care.


It’s called courage of your convictions.


@1: Lester got there by ignoring context. Durkan continued by explaining what she meant:

‘She said Morales would reignite the “polarizing” debate over sweeps of homeless encampments and use of the city’s “navigation teams.”

‘“[Morales] wants to de-fund them and eliminate them because she believes that encampments should remain anywhere,” Durkan said. “What we’re doing now isn’t working perfectly but it’s working better. Last year we moved more people from homelessness to permanent housing than ever before.”’

The “Socialist” jab was to tie Morales to the sinking ship that is CM Sawant. It’s a shorthand for Morales wanting to continue the failed policies of the current Council. Durkan is tired of their failures, and doesn’t want anyone else like them on the Council.

I sympathize.



This sounds exactly like the same comments I saw in 2015. How is Councilmember Pamela Banks these days? I'm certain she must have own that election, since you were so certain Sawant couldn't possibly win re-election, right?


@7: I honestly can’t recall what every detail of what I wrote four years ago. If you provide my quote, then I might consider answering; I see no profit in any attempt to converse with whatever it is you think I sound like.

(Let’s see: Lester used an incomplete statement from Mayor Durkan to make a false point about her. I quoted her in full. You then fail to quote what I said, but make a sneering put-down based upon it. I’m guessing my exposure of Lester’s shenanigans riled you a bit there. Have you any thoughts on that?)



How is Councilmember Banks doing these days?


@9: Assertions made without evidence will be dismissed without evidence.

Why do you think of Lester ripping Durkan’s quote from context?