"On the whole, independent expenditure committees (which have no donation or spending limits thanks to the Citizens United Supreme Court decision) have spent over $710,000 so far . . . ."

This is less than 75% of the total democracy voucher contributions to date. Are you quite certain this is "big money?"


Ah, good ol' Sandeep Kaushik.


Yes, where are the SEIU and UNITE HERE Local 8 mob bosses .... sorry “union bosses” .... spending their money?


That sooo many so-called adult citizens tolerate such chicanery - electoral cycle after electoral cycle - speaks volumes. --- & & ( most adult citizens are politically lazy. Pfft!!!)



I had a bad feeling about Jay Fathi but couldn't put my finger on it. Knowing he is being promoted by SEIU and CAPE solidifies my support behind Sergio Garcia.


Lester might check Nick Hanauer's Twitter page. On it, the man who's famous for warning the uber-rich about a "Pitchfork Revolution" is quick to tell all those rebellious peasants that he's "Not a Billionaire." The poor thing.

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